Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Face

I was checking into what my son, Will, was into on the computer. He was not into much, except Facebook. Being the nosy one, I decided to see just what this Facebook was. Well, now I am hooked. I found out our niece Kristy is having a baby in June....My niece, Joree, has been sick...My friend, JoAnn, can't just buy what is on her list...I now have 21 friends....It is amazing the number of people who are involved in this. What a great way to keep in contact!! It is amazing what a sentence can say about your day!!

Monday, November 17, 2008



The longest, worst day of the week.....Four more days until the weekend....Another day to cook dinner....Just one more voicemail...Oh no! Another one called while I answered that one...Everyone wants something yesterday....How many more are there?...

If we could just skip Mondays....But then Tuesday would be Monday!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Week past....

What a horrible week...I should have known when I saw the huge yellow orange moon falling out of the sky on Monday and Tuesday morning!! In my business, the full moon is literally the kiss of death...and that is almost what I thought we were having on Friday at about lunch time. Dr. G tried to remove a packing from a nose, and the patient just went out...we had to call 911 and the whole bit...It sure gets the blood going...Amazing how that always happens on a Friday!!

Patients call with stupid questions and problems with a full moon. You can tell it is coming days before...You have to check a calendar to see what is up!!

I have been updating My Shelfari...Makes me see that I have lots more to read. I am starting on compiling what to bake for Christmas...This year I will bake everything we love...The past few years something keeps on coming up...This year I have read lots on freezing, etc. I can't wait to read lots of fiction this year!! When we go to California for Thanksgiving I will read!!! When we go skiing in December, the same thing....Can't ski, as I am afraid of the foot issues!!

Boot off on Tuesday night!!! Yeah!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Get With It

Many times this past two weeks, I have wanted to set down and write...but "things" keep getting in the way. You know.."things" like

Last weekend, Mom, John and I went to Arkansas for my cousin Gaye's daughter's wedding. They were so excited to see us!! Usually when we get together, it is under bad circumstances. The last time we saw Gaye, and her mom, Mck, it was for my dad's funeral in 2005. We had to make it to the wedding...we need to come together in good, as well as bad times!! It was so nice to get to know the cousins and their families. Kelly, Gaye's sister in law, did the most beautiful job transforming the old church in Almyra into a moderan space. Beautiful greenery was all over with white candles. Going across the street, to the Community Center, was a pleasure...after they covered the outdated panelled walls with white fabric and blue fabric over the ceiling. Tehy had a fantastic band. Amber was beautiful.

Driving from the airport (after SW found Mom's lost luggage) was interesting. Talk about flat land!! There were areas with lots of different trees, changing to a field that was just harvested. I love to see the big round bales of hay sitting in the field. It reminds me of how we sometimes feel alone in the big world.

I have had the worst headace for the past few days. I know it is a combo of the trip, the weather, and my allergies. still makes me nervous whenever I do not feel at least 85%...There is always the fear in the back of my mind that the BIG C will come back. This week is the annual squish test...FUN!! At least I got my cast off this week. My foot feels wonderful today...why should I wear the boot this week??? Oh yea...I am trying to be a compliant patient. What nurse is compliant???

This week should be interesting at work...No Bonnie..Marilyn will be in three part days..Hope Roberta continues to work out OK....

Will just made a pineapple upsidedown cake...We shall see!!!

Until next time.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who AM I?

What a profound question...I am a daughter, wife, mother, nurse, boss, busy lady, dog lover....

Some days I am one person and one day another...Depends on the circumstance

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day One

I have been so intrigued with this blogging thing...I became interested in it while enjoying and crying with cjane. Living in the area and the religious life of NieNie and her Mr. and being a nurse, makes their trials more real. We all have trials, but those that last and last and closure does not come for a long time are the worst, I think.