Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Week past....

What a horrible week...I should have known when I saw the huge yellow orange moon falling out of the sky on Monday and Tuesday morning!! In my business, the full moon is literally the kiss of death...and that is almost what I thought we were having on Friday at about lunch time. Dr. G tried to remove a packing from a nose, and the patient just went out...we had to call 911 and the whole bit...It sure gets the blood going...Amazing how that always happens on a Friday!!

Patients call with stupid questions and problems with a full moon. You can tell it is coming days before...You have to check a calendar to see what is up!!

I have been updating My Shelfari...Makes me see that I have lots more to read. I am starting on compiling what to bake for Christmas...This year I will bake everything we love...The past few years something keeps on coming up...This year I have read lots on freezing, etc. I can't wait to read lots of fiction this year!! When we go to California for Thanksgiving I will read!!! When we go skiing in December, the same thing....Can't ski, as I am afraid of the foot issues!!

Boot off on Tuesday night!!! Yeah!!!

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