Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EMR-Day One

Today, I spent me first entire day at Corporate. Wow..did the day go fast!! I worked on Treatment Plans all day, and I got them all done!! WOO HOO!! Now, I think I have to work on Patient Information Sheets and Consents!!

The Management group went to out Holiday lunch at Magianno's. It was the best-food and company.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Cat's Out of the Bag

For months now I have felt like my job is just that-a job. It used to be fun and I felt fulfilled when I would get home from work. Since summer, I have felt like something was missing. I have looked into the MSN programs at ASU and UofP. I have investigated the PA program at AT Still and I have looked at the classified ads for something new. I took the Certified Medical Practice Executive examination, hoping that would fulfill my needs. Nothing worked....At work, I felt like no one noticed all the extra things I tried to do. No one would even say a simple thank you for a job well done. No one congratulated me on the CMPE exam-except Corporate. The staff would hear things about how easily we could be replaced-which does not help anyone feel good about themselves or their situation. I would feel guilty for taking off a day because I was sick. I was never able to take a vacation at a time I wanted to-like this summer, I would have like to join my cousins in Michigan for the scattering of my cousin, Steve's, spreading of his remains. I guess I really have felt unappreciated. It has never been a matter of $$, even though I know I could make more at the hospital-but just a matter of being respected-not treated like a doormat. I had inquired the cost of a cell phone through our Corporate account-that I would pay for myself. when Tom, from Corporate emailed the docs about the phone, they just assumed that I expected them to pay for it. Rather than telling me themselves, that they would not pay for it, they have Tom email me-not even enough respect to tell me themselves!!

In September I applied for a new position in VENT-Direector of Operations. Well, right off I realized that I was not right for the position. Prior to the interview, I told the docs that I had applied. While I interviewed, I inquired about the opening for the Electronic Medical Records Specialist. Wow...I actually became excited about a job. It is a new is a new is a way to learn something is a way to use nursing in a new is something I felt really good about!!! I was offered the job...and then the physicians began to discuss not using the program they had already invested I was put in a holding pattern....until the first part of November. During all of this time, neither one asked me how the interview went-I guess no one really cared what I did...even as I began to go to Corporate more and more...

To make the program more individualized, four of us began to learn how to use Visual Form Editor-a way that we can make our own, custom forms-what fun!!! I spent Thanksgiving weekend developing an intake form for patient visits. What a sense of accomplishment to see your form on the screen and put into the templates that everyone will use!!

All of these months, I have been attending EMR meetings-while doing my regular duties-knowing that at some point the physicians I work for will need to know that I will leave at some time. During the past few weeks, the EMR project has been moving swiftly-making me feel like I have been wearing three hats at VENT. Last week I gave George an ultimatum-we tell the guys soon, or I will not do the EMR, but will begin to make a decision on what my next step will be to feel like I am doing something fulfilling. I felt like I was being slimy, knowing that I had plans to leave and that they ar emaking plans for the future, etc. I felt guily that I would leave them, possibly in a lerch. I did not want to do that!!! I want them to be prepared in all ways. I do not want the staff to change or anything!!

Well, this week it all came to a head. Today, George, Jean and I met with Drs. Gambino and Ketterer. I dreaded this all day!!! I was prepared for whatever might happen. Well, today I cried at work-for only the third time in all of these years....George asked me why I was not happy in the office, and I told them. I could not look at them, or I would have really cried!! After all of these years, it is scary to me to leave, but I really think that it is the BEST thing for me. I am only 47...I have lots of years to still work...and I NEVER want to train a new physician in the office again!!! If things do not work out for some reason, I know that I have so many options out there... I am excited to begin this new will be a gradual process, as we need to find the right person to work with the docs-but I know that they know-and I can finally feel better about myself and the thoughts that I am now being truthful with them....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We went to Payson for Thanksgiving. John's family, both from California and here, joined us...for a grand total of 16 people. I did my usual...pumpkin, mincemeat and pumpkin pecan pie. I also made Reba McIntire's Sweet Potato Casserole. The food and company were great!! Will actually came home-kind of-he was dogsitting for the weekend, so we saw him off and on. He did spend Saturday night here, as we had Von's farewell at 1:30 on Sunday. Since it is COLD here today, I am making chili for dinner, and he is staying, as it is one of his favorite dinners.

I am going to try to download some of the pictures....The dining room table....we also set the kitchen table for 8....

Loading up the plates...Cindy, Warren, Chase and Billy

I have no idea what she was doing!!! But we all had a great time!!! Thanks for coming Dow's, Howe's and Landino's.....

A New "Skill"

The NASCAR post is pretty lame!!! I just figured out how to add pictures...Hopefully the Thanksgiving one will be better!!! Sorry hardcore bloggers!!!

Gentlemen...Start your Engines

We went to the NASCAR race at PIR a few weekends ago. It was SOOOO fun that we cannot wait to go again. Here are some pics from our fun in the garages and pits-thanks to John!!!
This was our home away from home. Snuggles went with us...Night 1 was not relaxing for any of us. Benedryl became our best friend!!
Haven't you always wondered how the lug nuts got put on so quick, in the pits??? They are hooked on with a rubber cement type material. I got two off of off the Holiday Inn car in the Nationwide race.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful for:

  • My family...Steve, Will, Mom, John, Snuggles....They are all so loving and fun to be around. We all enjoy being together doing whatever..
  • My job...Can't say much more right now...
  • The fun things we have done this year....San Francisco, Washington, NASCAR, camping, getting Will ready to go to ASU, being together, trying to put the puzzle together...
  • My faith...what more can I makes everything happen...
  • My computer...It is the way to keep up with everyone...Missed it when it was in the "hospital" this week...
  • My health...Hot flashes, not so much...but what they mean...Yea!!!
  • My friends and co-workers...We laugh and cry together...more laugh...
My blog has been neglected...Promise to be better!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey Lizzie......

Today we had a patient come in that I used to play with when I was a little girl. Vicky reminded me of the story of Lizzie.Her husband did not beleive the story, but now he does, because no two people could come up with this story.

When I was a little girl, my aunt, Sweetie, lived on East Aspen Streeet in East Mesa. Her house was a little (i mean little) pink house on the corner, with big cypress trees and oleanders in the backyard. She had a burgundy colored tool shed in the backyard, near the kitchen windows. She lived alone, with no pets, except Lizzie.

Lizzie was a pet like no other. You would go out into the yard, and say "Lizzie, Lizzie" and she would come out of her hiding place under the shed. If you were eating dinner, with the windows open, and called "Lizzie, Lizzie" she would come to the window.

This continued for years, until one winter my great grandma came out from Michigan...and saw a "big snake" come out from under the shed. She was so scared, that she got out a shovel and killed Lizzie.

Did I say Lizzie was a lizard???

Saturday, June 27, 2009

FB Friends

Facebook....Yes, it can be addicting....but, you can reconnect with people you have not heard from or seen in years!!

The other day, I noticed my friend Wendy had a friend Melissa Otis...Well, I had a friend, Missy Otis growing up...Do you think it is the same person??? Well, last night I sent a friend request with a note on who I was. Guess what??? It WAS her!! I think she was as excited as me to find each other!! I have not seen her since we moved in 1980 from that house!! She is still in the old neighborhood. Can't wait to get together and talk about old times!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Vacation

I have not blogged about the vacation yet....We went to Washington, DC and then onto Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. We had a great time seeing all the monuments and museums in DC. I was at the Holocaust museum two days prior to the shooting. In fact, our original plan was to go at about 1PM on Tuesday, after our White House tour. Steve and Will decided to go to Air and Space, so I went by myself, and arrived there at 1pm on Monday, and a nice security guard opened the door for me....I think it may have been the man who lost his life. It is sad that such a thing happened at this museum. I left really thinking about people in general. How could everyone have done what Hitler and his associates asked of them?? Why didn't someone stand up and say, NO?? It just left me wondering about humanity and made me appreciate what we have in this country. As we look at Iran, and see what is going on there, and they can see, through media what our lives are like here, it is no wonder that they want democracy.

When we were in Pennsylvania, we went to Gettysburg. It is amazing that the soldiers would march miles and miles a day. Many had barely any food and their clothing and shoes were worn out. Thousands were lost during the fighting at Gettysburg....I find it hard to imagine being one of the residents of the town and being left with the remains of the war to clean up. The bodies, etc were just left in the fields....Today, bullets are still being found in the fields!!

We also went to Lancaster, PA, where many Amish live. It is weird to think that people still live in these circumstances-no electricity, no TV, no computer, no phone...But, they will ride with you in your car!! The fields were so beautiful and green. We bought fresh produce and brought it home-yummy!!

All in all, we had a great time!! When I figure out how to post pictures, I will post a now post about the vacation.

Becase He Made Me....

William just made me log on and blog about Michael Jackson. I think it is a dare to see if I can write on demand....Well, here you go Ratboy!!

I remember listening to a 45 of Rockin' Robin when I was a kid on my phonograph. (Do you know what any of this is??). Nanna would send us a box of 45s from the jukebox in the tavern, whenever the man would change out the songs. One box had this record and "Puppy Love". Was I ever happy!! I am sure we listened to that 45, until it was worn to nothing!! By the way, I wonder wher it is???? Maybe it is worth something!!!

Hopefully, the kids of his will have a chance in life now. It is sad to think of how they have been sheltered, but maybe they are better than we have been lead to think. I heard an interesting comparison on the radio yesterday between the Jacksons and the Osmonds. Interestingly enough, the Jacksons have all parted ways and the Osmonds are still together as a family. The older Jackson brothers were able to get away from the strange dad, and you don't hear alot about them. Do you think the Osmonds beliefs have anything to do with it???

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Ugly Piggies

Anyone who has had the great opportunity to see Steve's feet will tell you about the toes he was blessed with. The are kind of chubby, with interesting nails. In the past, he tried to get medication to make his nail beautiful, but due to his thyroid problem, his liver labs were off-so no meds. I got him a pedicure for Father's Day one year-never again-he was too embarassed by his toes, and he thinks the ladies were discussing his big toes during the pedi (remember the Seinfeld episode with Elaine in the nail salon)...

Well...he just got home from a scout outing to Paria Canyon. They hiked 45 miles in 2.5 days. They were in the water...I think the shoes did not dry out enough before he put them on-and he has 2 toes that needed attention!! He was able to get his shoes on to go to Sacrament Meeting, but we came right home and soaked those piggies in Epsom salts, and then my work began. I removed his baby toenail on one foot, and half of the middle toenail of the other foot. Pus came out-it stunk....But, now it is starting to feel better. I hope he can get his shoes on tomorrow to go to work!! Dr. V told him he should let it be the air as much as possible, so the gym tomorrow would be BAD...sweaty feet...UCK!!

I have to admire Dr. Freed, my podiatrist...How he deals with those stinky feet day in and day out is beyond me. I only have to deal with the occassional smelly ear or thick, green, stinky nasal discharge...I can get really gross here.....

Special Day

Today was a special day for Will. He received his patriarchal blessing from Brother Ashcroft. It was a beautiful blessing, filled with many blessings and instructions. I know he can and will accomplish all of this during his life here on earth.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

SOOO Much....

So much has happened during the last few weeks.....

Will graduated from High School on May 21. It was pouring rain, so we thought they would move the ceremony inside, so my mom, John, Rob, Sherri and the kids did not come to the WET ceremony. I never thought I could be so cold in May. I took a hot shower when I got home and had a cup of hot chocolate. The worse part of the whole night was when I opened Will's diploma folder...only to have a piece of paper fall out that said he did not get a diploma because he owed money to the bookstore. Needless to say, Will was very the next morning I sent an email off to the principal at 6:30 the bookstore 8am Will went to the trainer and talked to him, as he said Will did not hand in his track uniform-which he did 2 weeks 12noon he had a diploma...What a mess...especially since he really did not want anything to do with the whole thing!!

Steve left on Wednesday for the Paria Canyon hike. Will was not able to go, as his hand is not completely healed, and he had an appointment with Dr. Dinowitz. His visit went OK...He needs to go back in three months, with a possible CT scan, as the knuckle is not healing appropriately, and if not treated, he will end up with BAD arthritis at an early age in the joint. So...we will see on August 12 what is next. It really looks like he will have to have the knuckle replaced with an implant in the future. Time will tell...But it was a good decision to not send Will on the Paria trip...He need to be careful the next couple of weeks, but he should be fine for Philmont.

We leave for vacation next Saturday...In fact, by this time, we will be landing in Chicago, and waiting for our connection to Baltimore. I think we will have a great time. Right now, we are thinking of leaving DC on Wednesday and going traveling and just stopping where we want. We do need to be in Baltimore on Friday night for the baseball game.

I am going to the SOHN meeting in San Diego in October. I am so excited, as I have not been since 2003. It will be good to get the education and to be with old friends and get involved again...Now that I am sure I will live a few more years, I can't wait to go!!

I saw Dr. Long this week. He changed me to the Femara. So far, I have noted an increase in the hot flashes and I have nagging nausea...but that is OK...At least I know this is normal!! the amazing this is that on the prescription receipt, it said the charge for the medication was $363.39 for a one month supply!!! I had a coupon, so my copay was only $15.00. I am so thankful for great insurance!! But, what does the person without insurance do???? Something really needs to change, but I don't know what or how....I see it from both sides...Maybe I will change something while I am in Washington....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Endings are beginnings. When something ends, something new always begins. At the end of a pregnancy, you become a mom. At the end of a life, the living begin a new life, as does the person that passes away. At the end of a trip, real life begins again. I can go on and on and on...

Lately we have had many endings and new beginnings in our lives. Let me see if I can list them all here:

  • End of a pregnancy-Steve's niece, Tasanee, had her baby-basically at home-number 1...unbelievable!!
  • William got his cast off-now we wait for two weeks and hope that it continues to heal well, without any trauma-like a very firm handshake!! He will begin to be very careful of who he shakes with and who's hard head he hits in the future!!
  • Will graduates next Thursday. I am so sure that he is exccited for what is to come at college and beyond...but will he let it show?? We are so proud of his accomplishments!!
  • Will wrote an article for the Banner newsletter that may be published in a health magazine. the editor was quite impressed with his talents. Here's to a great career!!
  • I am finally working out again!! Healed from the most recent intrusion on this OLD body!! I have learned that I need to gradually increase the exercise and will begin to get myself back in shape-if that is what it is called!! The medications I am on seem to leave fat in strange places-thanks for the hips Grandma!!
  • Steve is working out like a banchee!! He is getting ready for Philmont-which my friend JoAnn pegged right-the leaders are more excited than the kids!! When he is back, he will sure have the exercise habit from his dedication now!!
  • We have a problem at work with an employee that has really been a trial to me this week. If there is one thing I hate, it is conflict-especially where it is not needed. I hope the end of this relationship come about soon, so that we can start again and have the tension relieved. It is so trying when there are only 5 people and one causes so much drama!!

As trying as it is to end anything and to have change in our lives, I think it is what makes us grow. With each change and new stage in our lives, we learn more about who we are and what we can really do. We learn about what our true strengths and weaknesses are and how to take those gifts and use them to help us be the best people possible.

Every beginning is our lives is a time to start fresh. We need to clean the slate and realize that it is a time to make the situation ours and to be the best we can be. Every morning is a new beginning. It is a new piece of paper for us to draw a picture on. It is up to us to make a colorful, bright drawing with a happy content picture or a black and white drab picture. I want to have more bright cheery pictures on my portofolio-with just a scattering of black and whites!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tired of Being Tired

Well, I am one week out from having the OLD ovaries removed. I came home from work at noon yesterday...looking like one Mrs. Munster...and took today off as well. I have felt so tired since the surgery. I could take a nap every day, and I did today!! I feel like a useless slug...I just don't feel like doing much of anything. In fact, Steve cooked a roast last night (it was yummy) for dinner, cuase if is was up to me, we would have PBJ.

Tomorrow, it is back to work...and hopefully by next Monday, I will be my old untired self!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

And The Winner Is......

No one in this house!!

Will took a swing at a kid at school, who took his keys and car. He came home Thursday, as I was relaxing on the couch, with a HUGE hand. I immediately (as fast as a person with three holes in her abdomen area can) got it iced, and found out the stupid boy story. I think all boys act before they think!! We kept it iced and him Motrined all night.

When I got up on Friday morning, I hobbled into his room, and saw a hand that looked like a blown up glove (everyone grabs one and blow it up in the doctors office...I find them all the time). I got him iced again, and emailed Dr. Gambino, who lived across the street from the best hand guy in the area. After a couple of emails and a phone call, we were instructed to get to Dr. Dinowitz' office ASAP. Steve had already left for work, I can't drive, and Will really can't, he had to turn around and come and get us.

We got to the office, and completed the appropriate paperwork, and paid our copay ( nothing is free) and were taken to the casting room, where and xray was done. Dr. Dinowtiz came in and showed us the xray...Our sone does not break one bone or two bones...but three!! He said he has never seen this from one hit (so, maybe I will never get the real story, until he is 30). Will picked a red cast, and is now left handed.

The one thing we will all learn from this, is how responsible Will is. He already realized that he has 2 AP exams the 1st part of May...Dr. D said he might be able to remove the cast for a couple of test is on a Mon and the other on a Thurs....Will has been instructed to find out how the College Board deals with this!!

Maybe at the end, the winner will be.....Mom??? Will??? Dad??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now I'm an IT

I just retruned home from the hospital. Yesterday, I had my ovaries removed. This was needed, as I have been 5 years out from the treatment of my breast cancer, and I need to be switched from Tamoxifen to Armidex. You must be postmenapausal to take the medication, and in following my labs for the last 2 years, I am not even close to being counts are like those of a fertile Myrtle!!

This was probably the easiest surgery I have had...except for the fact the whenever I move, my stomach hurts. Dr. Gomez did it laproscopically, so I have 2 stab wounds and a larger wound in the pubic area, where they pulled the ovaries out. He said it would be quite uncomfortable, which it is. It feels like I did too many crunches!!

I stayed the night in the hospital. I had the best care, until this morning. It took the nurse 3 hours to process my paperwork. She said she had 3 patients to discharge, so she would be slow. I was a quick discharge, so you would think I would have been first!!

Oh well, it all worked out...Getting sleepy, as I took a pain pill......

Sunday, April 5, 2009


When I don't have anything better to do (or just think I don't have anything to do), I like to read other people's blogs. I am beginning to feel like a stalker or voyeur...But, when you read others trials, you feel thankful for those trials that you have and realize that they are not so bad. Today I read about an previous fellow ward member who is fighting cancer with her child and another person who is going through a divorce. Blogging is great in the fact that it gives people an opportunity to express themselves, and in expressing themselves, I feel that they are alleviating alot of the stress and confusion that is being felt. With the news during the previous week, where we heard of numerous killings, I think of those people had a way to express their thoughts may not have done what they did. Prayer is one way to get these feelings out. Heavenly Father will listen at any time, in any place, and what you say is just between the two of you. You don't have to worry about a stalker listening and maybe gossiping about your problems or needs!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!

Spring is here!! When we traveled to Payson last weekend, we saw all sorts of flowers and plants, after the rainy weather we experienced this winter. I love the red flowers and the poppies. The mountains are all green and lush. The saguaro cacti are bulging with all of the moisture they have absorbed through the winter. I can't wait to see the blooms in the next month or so.

Here, in the Valley, the trees are all budding and pollinating-Achoo!! Today, I went to Home Depot and the flowers and vegetables are all so colorful!! Our garden is growing-tomatoes are on the vines. The dog will eat them before we even have a chance to pick them!! We have a vegetarian dog-she LOVES any vegies!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biggest Loser

Am I the Biggest Loser?? I am laying here on the couch watching "The Biggest Loser" tonight...eating pizza (thin crust, so it's OK)....chocolate chip cookies...and Diet Pepsi. Steven is at the gym, working off his sushi...hope he and Will don't catch anything from eating raw fish!!
Don't ask me why, but I really enjoy these reality shows. I think is is the psychology of the things. None of the people are normal. All of them are trying for something-whether it is to be a top model or a skinny mini. I think what I like is the conflict of the things!! But, I will say that my favorite is "The Amazing Race". I think is is because they go to many places that I will never see-or in the case of India, that I want to see!! When else can you travel the world and see strange things and activities for free.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keeping Up

There are days that I feek like I will never get caught up....Today is one of those!!

At work, I have a HUGE pile of scanning to do tomorrow...after I schedule all of the surgery cases I need to schedule...after I scan all the bills to Corporate...after I classify all of the bills....after I help in the front....

At home, I already cooked dinner for tonight and dusted the living and family rooms and cleaned the kitchen counters. But, I still need to clean the bathrooms and help the guys finish the laundry.

We'll see how accomplished I feel tomorrow!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things I LOVE..or like alot...

1. I love Steven. We have been married for almost 25 years...I was only 13 when we got married!!

2. I love Will. Amaxing that he is 18 and going off to college...even if it is only down the street at ASU.

3. I love my mom..We have been through LOTS together...but we seem to get stronger with each thing we have been through.

4. I love Church. Even though I have not been the most active at meetings, etc. lately, I do love it and it's teachings.

5. I like my job. There are days that I hate it, but I like it most days.

6. I like the people I work with. We are like a family...we each other...are there for each other.

7. I love my dog, Snuggles. She is always there for me. When I had chemo, she laid by the toilet with me when I was nauseated.

8. I like my house. I would love it, but I need to do some updating for that!!

9. I like Little Red, my new laptop. No water will pass by it!!

10. I love to travel. I would like to be able to pick up and go somewhere at any time, without any cares. Right!!! Cruising is the BEST!!!

11. I love my green Wrangler. Is is what I have always wanted..I am part boy!!

12. I love that I am 5 years out from my cancer surgery and doing well. The ooph will be done in a month and then I will have no estrogen producers in this bod!!

I guess the thing I really love is that I have the opportunity to do things like to my blog and write all at once. I have always wanted to write the best seller novel. I know there is at least a great short story inside, I just need to get it out!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things I Dislike (Hate is too stong of a word)...

1. I dislike people who go on and on before getting to the point.

2. I dislike garlic breath...I always have mints in my office drawer, for those offenders.

3. I dislike cold, dark mornings...What's the point of getting up when it does not look or feel like daytime????

4. I dislike having my blood drawn every 6 months and having a mammogram every year....makes too much stress in my life!!!

5. I dislike smelly, dog ears...or people ears that smell like dog ears!!

6. I dislike unpolished never know when someone will see your little piggies.

7. I dislike cold teeth chatter and it takes forever for me to get warm.

8. I dislike holiday decorations being sold months before the holiday...doesn't that candy go bad??

9. I dislike least reality TV is REAL.

10. I dislike computers and phone going down at work...people seem to think I can wave my magic wand and cure it!!

11. I dislike telemarketers calling at dinnertime or when I just fell asleep..

12. I dislike running...or my knees do!!

13. I dislike Dr. is just carbonated medicine!!

14. I dislike listening to myself hurts my ears!!

15. I dislike disliking stuff.....

Things I like coming up next.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It has been forever that I have blogged. Life has just gotten in the way!! We had the Holidays....We had our family vacation to Salt Lake City....We have just been busy with life!!
It is amazing how "things" take up so much of our time. TV shows, running around, cooking, reading, going to work...and millions of "things" take over our lives. Do we take time out for ourselves? Do we just say "Enough" and relax? It is hard to say "No" is hard to just do nothing. We don't want to be called "lazy"...but sometimes that is the "thing" we need to just keep on going.
So, I guess the point of this rambling is...If you see me doing nothing, it is MY THING for now....