Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things I Dislike (Hate is too stong of a word)...

1. I dislike people who go on and on before getting to the point.

2. I dislike garlic breath...I always have mints in my office drawer, for those offenders.

3. I dislike cold, dark mornings...What's the point of getting up when it does not look or feel like daytime????

4. I dislike having my blood drawn every 6 months and having a mammogram every year....makes too much stress in my life!!!

5. I dislike smelly, dog ears...or people ears that smell like dog ears!!

6. I dislike unpolished never know when someone will see your little piggies.

7. I dislike cold teeth chatter and it takes forever for me to get warm.

8. I dislike holiday decorations being sold months before the holiday...doesn't that candy go bad??

9. I dislike least reality TV is REAL.

10. I dislike computers and phone going down at work...people seem to think I can wave my magic wand and cure it!!

11. I dislike telemarketers calling at dinnertime or when I just fell asleep..

12. I dislike running...or my knees do!!

13. I dislike Dr. is just carbonated medicine!!

14. I dislike listening to myself hurts my ears!!

15. I dislike disliking stuff.....

Things I like coming up next.....