Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biggest Loser

Am I the Biggest Loser?? I am laying here on the couch watching "The Biggest Loser" tonight...eating pizza (thin crust, so it's OK)....chocolate chip cookies...and Diet Pepsi. Steven is at the gym, working off his sushi...hope he and Will don't catch anything from eating raw fish!!
Don't ask me why, but I really enjoy these reality shows. I think is is the psychology of the things. None of the people are normal. All of them are trying for something-whether it is to be a top model or a skinny mini. I think what I like is the conflict of the things!! But, I will say that my favorite is "The Amazing Race". I think is is because they go to many places that I will never see-or in the case of India, that I want to see!! When else can you travel the world and see strange things and activities for free.

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