Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things I LOVE..or like alot...

1. I love Steven. We have been married for almost 25 years...I was only 13 when we got married!!

2. I love Will. Amaxing that he is 18 and going off to college...even if it is only down the street at ASU.

3. I love my mom..We have been through LOTS together...but we seem to get stronger with each thing we have been through.

4. I love Church. Even though I have not been the most active at meetings, etc. lately, I do love it and it's teachings.

5. I like my job. There are days that I hate it, but I like it most days.

6. I like the people I work with. We are like a family...we each other...are there for each other.

7. I love my dog, Snuggles. She is always there for me. When I had chemo, she laid by the toilet with me when I was nauseated.

8. I like my house. I would love it, but I need to do some updating for that!!

9. I like Little Red, my new laptop. No water will pass by it!!

10. I love to travel. I would like to be able to pick up and go somewhere at any time, without any cares. Right!!! Cruising is the BEST!!!

11. I love my green Wrangler. Is is what I have always wanted..I am part boy!!

12. I love that I am 5 years out from my cancer surgery and doing well. The ooph will be done in a month and then I will have no estrogen producers in this bod!!

I guess the thing I really love is that I have the opportunity to do things like to my blog and write all at once. I have always wanted to write the best seller novel. I know there is at least a great short story inside, I just need to get it out!!!

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