Saturday, April 18, 2009

And The Winner Is......

No one in this house!!

Will took a swing at a kid at school, who took his keys and car. He came home Thursday, as I was relaxing on the couch, with a HUGE hand. I immediately (as fast as a person with three holes in her abdomen area can) got it iced, and found out the stupid boy story. I think all boys act before they think!! We kept it iced and him Motrined all night.

When I got up on Friday morning, I hobbled into his room, and saw a hand that looked like a blown up glove (everyone grabs one and blow it up in the doctors office...I find them all the time). I got him iced again, and emailed Dr. Gambino, who lived across the street from the best hand guy in the area. After a couple of emails and a phone call, we were instructed to get to Dr. Dinowitz' office ASAP. Steve had already left for work, I can't drive, and Will really can't, he had to turn around and come and get us.

We got to the office, and completed the appropriate paperwork, and paid our copay ( nothing is free) and were taken to the casting room, where and xray was done. Dr. Dinowtiz came in and showed us the xray...Our sone does not break one bone or two bones...but three!! He said he has never seen this from one hit (so, maybe I will never get the real story, until he is 30). Will picked a red cast, and is now left handed.

The one thing we will all learn from this, is how responsible Will is. He already realized that he has 2 AP exams the 1st part of May...Dr. D said he might be able to remove the cast for a couple of test is on a Mon and the other on a Thurs....Will has been instructed to find out how the College Board deals with this!!

Maybe at the end, the winner will be.....Mom??? Will??? Dad??

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