Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now I'm an IT

I just retruned home from the hospital. Yesterday, I had my ovaries removed. This was needed, as I have been 5 years out from the treatment of my breast cancer, and I need to be switched from Tamoxifen to Armidex. You must be postmenapausal to take the medication, and in following my labs for the last 2 years, I am not even close to being counts are like those of a fertile Myrtle!!

This was probably the easiest surgery I have had...except for the fact the whenever I move, my stomach hurts. Dr. Gomez did it laproscopically, so I have 2 stab wounds and a larger wound in the pubic area, where they pulled the ovaries out. He said it would be quite uncomfortable, which it is. It feels like I did too many crunches!!

I stayed the night in the hospital. I had the best care, until this morning. It took the nurse 3 hours to process my paperwork. She said she had 3 patients to discharge, so she would be slow. I was a quick discharge, so you would think I would have been first!!

Oh well, it all worked out...Getting sleepy, as I took a pain pill......

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