Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Ugly Piggies

Anyone who has had the great opportunity to see Steve's feet will tell you about the toes he was blessed with. The are kind of chubby, with interesting nails. In the past, he tried to get medication to make his nail beautiful, but due to his thyroid problem, his liver labs were off-so no meds. I got him a pedicure for Father's Day one year-never again-he was too embarassed by his toes, and he thinks the ladies were discussing his big toes during the pedi (remember the Seinfeld episode with Elaine in the nail salon)...

Well...he just got home from a scout outing to Paria Canyon. They hiked 45 miles in 2.5 days. They were in the water...I think the shoes did not dry out enough before he put them on-and he has 2 toes that needed attention!! He was able to get his shoes on to go to Sacrament Meeting, but we came right home and soaked those piggies in Epsom salts, and then my work began. I removed his baby toenail on one foot, and half of the middle toenail of the other foot. Pus came out-it stunk....But, now it is starting to feel better. I hope he can get his shoes on tomorrow to go to work!! Dr. V told him he should let it be the air as much as possible, so the gym tomorrow would be BAD...sweaty feet...UCK!!

I have to admire Dr. Freed, my podiatrist...How he deals with those stinky feet day in and day out is beyond me. I only have to deal with the occassional smelly ear or thick, green, stinky nasal discharge...I can get really gross here.....

Special Day

Today was a special day for Will. He received his patriarchal blessing from Brother Ashcroft. It was a beautiful blessing, filled with many blessings and instructions. I know he can and will accomplish all of this during his life here on earth.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

SOOO Much....

So much has happened during the last few weeks.....

Will graduated from High School on May 21. It was pouring rain, so we thought they would move the ceremony inside, so my mom, John, Rob, Sherri and the kids did not come to the WET ceremony. I never thought I could be so cold in May. I took a hot shower when I got home and had a cup of hot chocolate. The worse part of the whole night was when I opened Will's diploma folder...only to have a piece of paper fall out that said he did not get a diploma because he owed money to the bookstore. Needless to say, Will was very the next morning I sent an email off to the principal at 6:30 the bookstore 8am Will went to the trainer and talked to him, as he said Will did not hand in his track uniform-which he did 2 weeks 12noon he had a diploma...What a mess...especially since he really did not want anything to do with the whole thing!!

Steve left on Wednesday for the Paria Canyon hike. Will was not able to go, as his hand is not completely healed, and he had an appointment with Dr. Dinowitz. His visit went OK...He needs to go back in three months, with a possible CT scan, as the knuckle is not healing appropriately, and if not treated, he will end up with BAD arthritis at an early age in the joint. So...we will see on August 12 what is next. It really looks like he will have to have the knuckle replaced with an implant in the future. Time will tell...But it was a good decision to not send Will on the Paria trip...He need to be careful the next couple of weeks, but he should be fine for Philmont.

We leave for vacation next Saturday...In fact, by this time, we will be landing in Chicago, and waiting for our connection to Baltimore. I think we will have a great time. Right now, we are thinking of leaving DC on Wednesday and going traveling and just stopping where we want. We do need to be in Baltimore on Friday night for the baseball game.

I am going to the SOHN meeting in San Diego in October. I am so excited, as I have not been since 2003. It will be good to get the education and to be with old friends and get involved again...Now that I am sure I will live a few more years, I can't wait to go!!

I saw Dr. Long this week. He changed me to the Femara. So far, I have noted an increase in the hot flashes and I have nagging nausea...but that is OK...At least I know this is normal!! the amazing this is that on the prescription receipt, it said the charge for the medication was $363.39 for a one month supply!!! I had a coupon, so my copay was only $15.00. I am so thankful for great insurance!! But, what does the person without insurance do???? Something really needs to change, but I don't know what or how....I see it from both sides...Maybe I will change something while I am in Washington....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Endings are beginnings. When something ends, something new always begins. At the end of a pregnancy, you become a mom. At the end of a life, the living begin a new life, as does the person that passes away. At the end of a trip, real life begins again. I can go on and on and on...

Lately we have had many endings and new beginnings in our lives. Let me see if I can list them all here:

  • End of a pregnancy-Steve's niece, Tasanee, had her baby-basically at home-number 1...unbelievable!!
  • William got his cast off-now we wait for two weeks and hope that it continues to heal well, without any trauma-like a very firm handshake!! He will begin to be very careful of who he shakes with and who's hard head he hits in the future!!
  • Will graduates next Thursday. I am so sure that he is exccited for what is to come at college and beyond...but will he let it show?? We are so proud of his accomplishments!!
  • Will wrote an article for the Banner newsletter that may be published in a health magazine. the editor was quite impressed with his talents. Here's to a great career!!
  • I am finally working out again!! Healed from the most recent intrusion on this OLD body!! I have learned that I need to gradually increase the exercise and will begin to get myself back in shape-if that is what it is called!! The medications I am on seem to leave fat in strange places-thanks for the hips Grandma!!
  • Steve is working out like a banchee!! He is getting ready for Philmont-which my friend JoAnn pegged right-the leaders are more excited than the kids!! When he is back, he will sure have the exercise habit from his dedication now!!
  • We have a problem at work with an employee that has really been a trial to me this week. If there is one thing I hate, it is conflict-especially where it is not needed. I hope the end of this relationship come about soon, so that we can start again and have the tension relieved. It is so trying when there are only 5 people and one causes so much drama!!

As trying as it is to end anything and to have change in our lives, I think it is what makes us grow. With each change and new stage in our lives, we learn more about who we are and what we can really do. We learn about what our true strengths and weaknesses are and how to take those gifts and use them to help us be the best people possible.

Every beginning is our lives is a time to start fresh. We need to clean the slate and realize that it is a time to make the situation ours and to be the best we can be. Every morning is a new beginning. It is a new piece of paper for us to draw a picture on. It is up to us to make a colorful, bright drawing with a happy content picture or a black and white drab picture. I want to have more bright cheery pictures on my portofolio-with just a scattering of black and whites!!