Friday, June 26, 2009

Becase He Made Me....

William just made me log on and blog about Michael Jackson. I think it is a dare to see if I can write on demand....Well, here you go Ratboy!!

I remember listening to a 45 of Rockin' Robin when I was a kid on my phonograph. (Do you know what any of this is??). Nanna would send us a box of 45s from the jukebox in the tavern, whenever the man would change out the songs. One box had this record and "Puppy Love". Was I ever happy!! I am sure we listened to that 45, until it was worn to nothing!! By the way, I wonder wher it is???? Maybe it is worth something!!!

Hopefully, the kids of his will have a chance in life now. It is sad to think of how they have been sheltered, but maybe they are better than we have been lead to think. I heard an interesting comparison on the radio yesterday between the Jacksons and the Osmonds. Interestingly enough, the Jacksons have all parted ways and the Osmonds are still together as a family. The older Jackson brothers were able to get away from the strange dad, and you don't hear alot about them. Do you think the Osmonds beliefs have anything to do with it???

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