Friday, June 26, 2009

The Vacation

I have not blogged about the vacation yet....We went to Washington, DC and then onto Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. We had a great time seeing all the monuments and museums in DC. I was at the Holocaust museum two days prior to the shooting. In fact, our original plan was to go at about 1PM on Tuesday, after our White House tour. Steve and Will decided to go to Air and Space, so I went by myself, and arrived there at 1pm on Monday, and a nice security guard opened the door for me....I think it may have been the man who lost his life. It is sad that such a thing happened at this museum. I left really thinking about people in general. How could everyone have done what Hitler and his associates asked of them?? Why didn't someone stand up and say, NO?? It just left me wondering about humanity and made me appreciate what we have in this country. As we look at Iran, and see what is going on there, and they can see, through media what our lives are like here, it is no wonder that they want democracy.

When we were in Pennsylvania, we went to Gettysburg. It is amazing that the soldiers would march miles and miles a day. Many had barely any food and their clothing and shoes were worn out. Thousands were lost during the fighting at Gettysburg....I find it hard to imagine being one of the residents of the town and being left with the remains of the war to clean up. The bodies, etc were just left in the fields....Today, bullets are still being found in the fields!!

We also went to Lancaster, PA, where many Amish live. It is weird to think that people still live in these circumstances-no electricity, no TV, no computer, no phone...But, they will ride with you in your car!! The fields were so beautiful and green. We bought fresh produce and brought it home-yummy!!

All in all, we had a great time!! When I figure out how to post pictures, I will post a now post about the vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Old order Amish would never ride in a car.

They can't imagine of any life but the one they live. It is a hard life, but an honest one.

Most teens who take rumspringa and learn the ways of the new world return home, preferring family to tv and cell phones.

How many of our kids would make that choice?