Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey Lizzie......

Today we had a patient come in that I used to play with when I was a little girl. Vicky reminded me of the story of Lizzie.Her husband did not beleive the story, but now he does, because no two people could come up with this story.

When I was a little girl, my aunt, Sweetie, lived on East Aspen Streeet in East Mesa. Her house was a little (i mean little) pink house on the corner, with big cypress trees and oleanders in the backyard. She had a burgundy colored tool shed in the backyard, near the kitchen windows. She lived alone, with no pets, except Lizzie.

Lizzie was a pet like no other. You would go out into the yard, and say "Lizzie, Lizzie" and she would come out of her hiding place under the shed. If you were eating dinner, with the windows open, and called "Lizzie, Lizzie" she would come to the window.

This continued for years, until one winter my great grandma came out from Michigan...and saw a "big snake" come out from under the shed. She was so scared, that she got out a shovel and killed Lizzie.

Did I say Lizzie was a lizard???

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Keri, Lynn and the Gunter Gang said...

What a great story! Sorry about Lizzie's untimely death:( I am so
glad you left a note on my blog.
I didn't know you had a blog too!
I have so many questions...How was
Philmont? How is Will liking college life? How are you guys?
We miss your family so much!!!