Friday, December 31, 2010

Did You See The Snow??

It snowed yesterday!!  I was hard at work in Gilbert, and I looked out the window to see a sky as black as I have ever seen.  When I looked to the North, it was black and gray, and then I heard "it is snowing!".  Sure enough...I checked, and it said "Snow Flurries" in the 85215 zip code!!  Who would've thought??

According to my mom, it snowed here on  January 11, 1962...the day I was born.  In the olden days, ladies were basically given anesthesia when they had babies, so when  my mom called my dad and aunt and told them it was snowing, they told her to go back to sleep!!

So...if you live in AZ, go outside and check out Four is a sight to behold!!  Snow down lower than I have ever seen.  But...put on your is only 30 degrees!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We celebrated Christmas at my mom's home in Payson.  As usual, we had the Johnson and Meyer families over.  This year, we decided to not exchange gifts with the adults, and to just give gifts to the Meyer boys, Ben and Matthew.  I am so glad that is what we did.  The stress of buying and wrapping was not there!!

As Will was gone, I decided to bake different things---I am always in charge of the sweet things!!  I made ginger cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cookies, turtles, and toffee for Christmas Eve.  For Christmas Day, I made pumpkin marbled cheesecake and cranberry swirl cheesecake.  Wow...they were good..  I love to try new things...anyone want to volunteer to taste test??? I don't bake too often, as there is no one here to eat it---but Steve and me!!

We did exchange gift/stockings with Mom and John.  We got a new computer for them on Black Friday--they were so excited and love it.  The old one was slow and would drop the Internet, etc.  I received a canner (thanks, JoAnn--now you have to help me!!), a potato ricer, B&N gift card (I now have a book on canning, and my new goal---baking all sorts of breads) and lots of other little stuff.  Steve is now all set to ride his bike in any weather--he is out now...

It was weird to not have Will here, but he is happy and is learning soooo much.  He thought they might have email time, but apparently they did not.  It will be interesting to hear what he did for Christmas later this week in his email.  I am so thankful that he is enjoying himself and meeting new people and a new culture.

Will's birthday is on Sunday....If you have a chance, please send him an

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Month in Review

Let's see...lots has happened this month....In no order....
  • Will left for Peru on December 15.  We heard from him the next day....see
  • We sent Will a birthday envelope...I was amazed at the cost to send a 3.3 pound envelope of "stuff" to Peru...$28.65 for $10 worth of "stuff", that we do not even know he will receive!!
  • We went to the Sowards' family Christmas party in Tucson last weekend.  It was at Chris and Stephanie's in Sahuarita.  We went down in the morning and just did this and that in Tucson.  Love the mall there!
  • I had 2 office parties on the same day-December 17-I ordered food for Osborn, but went to the Greenfield party, as it was scheduled first!!
  • Steve had to do some video work at Zoolights on Friday night, so I went along.  It was amazing!!  We had not been for a few years, so I could not believe how many lights they have added.  We ran into friends, the Vanderwalkers and the CEO of Banner Desert.  
  • My mom and I went to seen "Hair" at Gammage on December 11, while Steve went with John to the Coyotes game.  Before the performance, we went to the Stockyards for dinner.  It was a great dinner!!  I had not been there for years!!  "Hair" was a great performance.  It was about the hippies and the protests during the '60s.  At the end of Act 1, the entire cast is completely nude---To do that you must like and trust who you work with!!
  • Steve and I had our yearly family shopping trip last weekend.   We like to go to Kierland Commons and look at Restoration Hardware and the other stores up there.  This will be the last time for that--Restoration Hardware is not the same anymore, so it was not as fun.  It is dark in there and it is just not as welcoming as it was in the past.
  • I have been busy baking.  I have fruitcakes maturing.  I made ginger cookies and toffee tonight.  Tomorrow I will made pecan cranberry tarts and cookies.  I am making 2 cheesecakes for Christmas day, at our framily (friends like family) Mary and Andy's home.  We will be at Mom's on Christmas Eve.
  • Will will not call us on Christmas, as he called last Wednesday, and the CCM does not have the facilities for all the missionaries to call.  We will, and do miss, him---as we do everyday---but we know he is in good hands, doing what he wants to do.
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas!!  To me, people seem to be concentrating on family this year.  Maybe it is because we are---but I think it is GREAT!!  We did not buy presents for lots of people this year, so we do not feel overwhelmed with the wrapping and checking the lists.  I have found it to be such a more pleasant season.  I have had time to peruse cookbooks and magazines for new recipes to try.  I have been reading more...I guess I have been more content.

People keep asking me if I am upset about Will being gone, and I can honestly say no.  We hear from him weekly.  He seems to be happy, and is have the adventure of his life.  How can I be upset??  If I really miss him, I just log into and send him a letter.  I don't want to fill his email, as we hear they only get 45 minutes per week to email!!  Anyway, I think a real (even if it is typed) letter is better!!

Sorry for the rambling---but today, it seems right!!!  I just have lots of little thoughts!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Week 3-Last week in Provo

Check out Will's blog.  It is great to hear the excitement for go to Peru!!


Today is the anniversary of D-Day, the day the  Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, which lead to WWII.

When we visited Uncle Dominic last week, he told us a couple of stories about his experiences during WWII, when he was in the 82nd Airborne.  By my calculations, he was only 18 or 19 when he joined the Army.  Think about the boys you know that are this age....Could they go through the experiences that the soldiers did in 1941?  Do they have the strength to be in a foxhole for 53 continuous hours?  After that 53 hours, what would then do when they removed their socks and the skin on their feet came off with it?  When they heard the first clap of thunder when they returned home, would they have sought shelter under a kitchen table, while others were in the kitchen?  During the night when the images of war and the fatalities of the war filled their heads, would they scream and yell out into the night, interrupting the sleep of all in the house?

I am so thankful for those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in all of the military conflicts that the US has been involved in, leading to the great lives we all enjoy!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Experience with Mom

My mom and I went to Peru, Illinois this weekend to visit my mom's Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Dominic.  Uncle Dominic is only 16 years older than my mom, so he is like her older brother.  There are many family stories of troubles they got into together...Mom hid his engagement ring when he was going to ask Dorothy to marry him after WWII, because she was jealous.  Dominic wrote Mom's name on door, in writing that looked like hers, and my Nanna punished Mom for it.  After Dorothy and Dominic were married, they waited many years for their sons to be born, so my mom was like their child.  Dorothy would make candy for sales at school and would do everything with her, as my Nanna was busy running a tavern and gas station. 

As Uncle Dominic and Aunt Dorothy have aged, Mom tried to see then at least once a year.  Uncle Dominic has some serious health issues, so we felt this trip was needed.

After a three hour flight to Chicago and a 2 hour drive we arrived at their apartment.
Dinner on Thursday at their favorite restaurant....Applebees
Now, coming from the 60-70 degree weather of Arizona, we were not used to having this on Friday morning:
I wondered why Hertz had this ice scraper and brush in the car!

We picked up Dorothy and took her shopping and to lunch.  Her grand and great grandchildren live nearby, but she did not want to impose on them to take her clothes shopping.  Unbelievably, in a town of 9600, there is a great mall with Penneys, Sears, and Bergners (a Macy's type store), as well as the usual big box stores.  After 2 hours of shipping, she was ready for lunch
Can you believe the hair!!  Natural curl and THICK!!  
A nap was the next thing on the agenda, so we took Aunt Dorothy home to rest, until a party for Alton, my cousin Pam's now 4 year old.
The other great grandchildren are so cute!!
Maggie (Dorothy's curls) and eye of Alexis. 
But they should be...Here are the Great GrandParents and Grandpa, my cousin, Steve
When we left Pam's house, it was Steve followed us back to the apartment. Living in AZ, I was scared to death!!  The car slipped and slided, but we got them home and ourselves to the motel without any trouble. 

Saturday morning, Mom and I decided to do a mall run.  OH....the sweaters, coats, hats, and gloves we do not have in AZ.  Bears and Packers stuff...Lucky we had gone with room in the suitcases....But we could not go right away, because this was what we found
Good thing for Uggs and Hertz!!
It was COLD but the sites were unbelievable...
Unbelievable that 12 hour of little flakes does this!
 Since the roads and sidewalks were slick, we had pizza, pasta and salad delivered to the apartment for dinner and then said our goodbyes on Saturday night. 

Up early this morning, as the roads were expected to be icy, we arrived at the airport early, but we enjoyed people watching!!

We learned many things on this trip...Google Maps, not MapQuest; Mom snores; You can always squeeze something else into the suitcase; Older people keep the temp way too hot......and we will be back in Peru when the leaves are green!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 2

 We heard from Will today.  To see what he has to say this week, go to

Sounds like he is learning alot...about himself, the Gospel, and other people.  We do miss him, but we know he is doing what he should be doing. 

If you do read his blog, read the poem on the second posting today.  It was posted by another Peruvian missionary mom from Phoenix on, a great list server for moms with children on missions all over the world.  They give each other information about anything and everything missionary related.  Last week, the ladies followed the plane to Peru on, so they all knew when the boys landed in Peru.  

Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Cute to Not Share

 This blog post is just too cute!!

Let me know your thoughts.  Don't you wonder who has time to think of this stuff??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 1

Go to Will's blog to read about week

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Know, I am Early

I decided to update the blog to Christmas today.  I have so much going on for the next week.  For Thanksgiving, I need to make LOTS of pies....2 pumpkin, 2 mince, 2 pecan....I have a meeting on Tuesday night, so I cannot do anything...Wednesday night I have to bake...bake...bake...Thursday is Turkey Day and we are going to Payson until Saturday or Sunday....

Will is doing well...If you believe no news is good news!!  We should hear from him this week.

Last  night I had a little accident with my nose, so I am sporting a slightly black eye this morning!!

On a great  note...there is a turkey in the oven...LOVE that smell!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Will is Gone

Will left this morning for the MTC in Provo Utah.  Go to his to follow his mission experiences.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Tomorrow is Will's Farewell-a month before he goes.  This is because there are so many things going on in the ward this month.  It is going to be like an old fashioned farewell.  We are all talking.  I am the Youth Speaker!!!  See you tomorrow!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bounty

At work, I heard about a produce co-op, Bountiful Baskets.  Every Saturday you have the opportunity to get a basket of vegetables and other things for a great price.  The week, our first week, we got the following things for $40:
  • Strawberries-1 basket
  • Bananas-1 large bunch
  • Apples-10 Galas
  • Kiwi fruit-11
  • Cantaloupe-1
  • Romaine Lettuce-1 head
  • Celery-1head
  • Red bell peppers-2 large
  • Onion-1
  • Artichokes-2
  • Carrots-2 bags
All of the above things were $16.00
We added the following:
  • Ciabatta-5 loaves-$10
  • Box of tomatoes-40 huge tomatoes-$10.50
It is a great deal!!  It is like have to think of what to do with what you get!! Your first week you also pay $3 for the baskets they have at the pick up area for sorting the produce!!

We have given our neighbor a loaf of bread and some tomatoes.  I made spaghetti sauce from 12 of the tomatoes-I have never done this from scratch!!

We can't wait until next week to see what they have. 

If you are interested, go to!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twenty Five Years....No Way!!

Monday, September 20 is our 25th Anniversary!!  Unbelievable!! 

We have been through so much these past 25 years-we have survived tragedy, death, birth, a teenager, work ups and downs, moving four times....   I could go on and on.  But through it all, we have laughed and cried together.  We have had fun and been sick together..  We have traveled by car, plane, train, boat on many trips-one had all modes of transportation together.  While I have no problem doing things or being alone, things are more fun together.

We will be leaving on Friday for a 10 day vacation together...I guess as you get old, you do everything together...Good thing we love and like each other!!!

Jimmy Johnson Messes Up Hair

Who woulda thought Jimmy Johnson would be on "Survivor" with his hair a mess and throwing up on TV??

I think Wednesday nights are going to  be a killer this Fall!!  Survivor...Top Model....Dessert Master...TIVO is great!!  I TIVOd so many shows tonight on both TVs that when we get home on the 26th I will have hours to watch!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

And I Thought He Was Ready!!

Today, Steve and I took Will shopping for clothes for his mission.  We went to the usual missionary store, Pomeroy's-it has been there for 60 years, I learned today.  Doug was great in fitting Will and helping us choose the clothes he needed.

Then I looked down.....Only to see this


Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am Soooo Excited!!!

It is our 25th Anniversary on September 20...I was only 15 when we got married.  I just finished booking us the best vacation!!  We are leaving on Friday, September 17 and are driving as far as Palm Springs.  In the morning, we will continue to Newport Beach, where we will get on the Ferry at 2PM and go over to Catalina Island.  We will go over and stay at the Catalina Island Beach Resort until Friday, September 24.  We have already scheduled a tour of the island and a zipline tour-I am getting brave-if those Little People on TV can do it, so can I-I don't have as far to fall!!  We are going to hike, kayak, jet ski, enjoy the sun...just RELAX!!! 

We are then going to Disneyland and will be home on September 26.  We went to Disneyland for our honeymoon, so we decided we should go back now.  Also, I have never been there when they were in complete Halloween mode, so it should be fun!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Explain a Few Things to Me..

  1. Why are we just seeing people of Hispanic descent protesting and complaining about SB1070?
  2. Why do we cater to the Hispanic group?  What about the Korean speakers, French...?
  3. Did Jan Brewer start this whole thing to get re-elected?
  4. Why was Barack Obama on The View today rather than speaking to the Boy Scouts at the National Jamboree?
  5. Why is Chelsea Clinton having a $3 million wedding?  Did that many people buy her parents books?  She does deserve it, after being a teenage with a philandering father and weird mother...but really, take the money and start your new life with a HUGE nest egg.
If you have any answers to these pressing questions, please leave me a comment.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pay It Forward

Tomorrow, my friend Kellie begins her chemo for recurrent lymphoma.  Today when we talked she seemed to be depressed-but who wouldn't!!  The worst part is that she has been there before and know what to expect and when to expect it-but this time it will be stronger and more in a shorter period of time.  I feel so bad for her having been there myself. 

I looked at Snuggles, our dog, tonight and felt to blessed to have her in my house.  When I had chemo, she never left my side.  When I threw up, she paid right next to me.  If I went to the kitchen, she went with me.  If I was ad, she would get even closer to me and let me cry on her. 

Sounds weird, but I feel like I am Kellie's Snuggles-she depends on me to be there for her and I want to be.  So many people supported me-and I have to pay it forward.  I always remember what I learned growing up-what you do always comes back to you.  You can't do anything better than be a great example to your children and others.  So Kellie....I'm there for you!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun at Scout Camp=and at Home

Today is Day 7 of Scout camp....This morning the phone rang at 8:32 and it was Steve calling to tell me that the 5 scouts and 6 adults are doing well.  I guess the boys never grow up!! Any excuse to act like a kid again!! They are in Wyoming and were preparing to go into Church.  I did hear from him for a minute yesterday when they were at WalMart buying roast and more food for the rest of the trip.  Now they will be at a High Adventure Camp for the rest of the time.

While Steve has been gone, Will and I are having fun...Friday night we went to PF Chang's for dinner.  Last night we had pizza and I just finished making one of our favorite pies-strawberry rhubarb.  Before Friday, we need to eat a juicy cherry pie.  Steve HATES cherries-he ate a whole pie himself as a little kid and you know what happened next-and not just an upset Mom!!-but it is a favorite of ours!!!

Will spoke in the Single's Branch today.  Wow...more girls than boys there!!  I bet there were only 50 people there.  He did a great job.

Now.....we are just bring bumps on a of my favorite things to be.....especially with a busy week ahead!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Prayer, Please

I have a friend, Kellie, that I really feel Heavenly Father had a hand in helping us to meet each other.  In December, when I finally told the docs that I wanted to leave, we were looking for my replacement.  She happened to being her son in for a tonsillectomy consultation, and mentioned that she was an ENT nurse in Colorado.  I proceeded to shut the door and asked her if she was looking for a job.  She told me that she had completed treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma and was thinking of going back to work after the 1st of the year.  I highly suggested that she contact our HR department and apply for my job.  Well, she contacted HR and ended up getting the CSM job at our Baseline location. 

As Kellie had experience with EMR she began to attend our meetings on Tuesday nights, and since we already kind of knew each other, she would call me when she needed anything.  We would take about our experiences with cancer and the treatments, bald heads, getting your hair done for the first time...

It will be three weeks on Monday that Kellie called me, very upset.  She has a PET scan, which lit up her neck, indicating that she had cancer again in her neck.  She had been to her oncologist, and yes, the lymphoma was back.  she had finished a triathalon in June and was feeling great.  The PET was her regular 6 month follow up, so no one expected anything to light up!!  She is in such great shape!!!  She had had her hair colored and cut for the first time since she finished treatments, loved her job, and her family was getting back to as  normal as life with a 20 month old and 4 year old could be!!  You see, she was initially diagnosed not long after her son was born!!

Kellie has a long road ahead of her.  She was to start chemo today, but the oncologist decided to wait until next week, so she could be evaluated at Mayo, where she will ultimately have a bone marrow transplant in a couple of months.  But, to get ready for the transplant, the medications will almost kill her!!  She has to have chemo for three consecutive weeks, one week off and then repeat for at least 2 courses.  she will then have bone marrow extracted from her hip..I read today  up to 2 quarts...that will then be processed for her T cells.  she will go to Mayo for more high dose chemo, and will have the T cells given, like a blood transfusion.    during this time, which can be from 4-6 weeks, she will have to stay in the hospital. 

So....please remember Kellie in your prayers!!!  When I look at her, I see me...Our lives mirror each other's in so many ways and in so many things.  It is almost tot he point that we know when the other will be calling about some work thing!!  Our Mom's both were in our jobs before us....We are both nurses....We both have been the cancer route...We both are independent....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was Speechless!!

Never in my life has anything like what happened today happened to me before.  One of the ladies at my Scottsdale office told me at 8:45am that her husband broke down after her dropped her off at work.  She said she needed to walk down the street to give him her credit card and would be back.  Well....after an hour, I became concerned, as she is 21 weeks pregnant.  I called her cell....right to voicemail....I called it again and again...voicemail....When lunchtime came around, I started to think that her brother had not called all day, and he usually called once to ask about what he should do with her other kids that he was watching.  Then, I decided to check the phone for a number for her husband.  I found it and left a message that we were very concerned about her and please call.  My other co-worked texted her at the same time.  Well, she texted that she could not come back to work because of all of the "stuff in her life" and her "transportation issues"...She then called our HR department and told her the same thing.  As of now, I have not heard from her, and I thought we got along quite well.  She has had many problems during the past few weeks and does live on the other end of town, but I would have understood.

But, things happen for a reason.....I have a new employee starting tomorrow.  An older lady, who has been temping at one of our other offices,,,Yea!!  No pregnancy....Maturity...Dependability...A tried and true employee!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Can Finally See My Countertop!!

We have been getting ready for Scout seems like forever this year.  Steve has been sealing food for a week now!!  We found that the food sealer is a great way to portion out the food, after he had dehydrated the food.  This time we tried new stuff...dehydrated applesauce...dehydrated hamburger...dehydrated "tropical salad"...I have made energy bars and granola..and Hudson Bay Bread.  Why it is called bread, I do not know.  It is a sweet, hard bar, not unlike a granola bar.  The books say to eat it with peanut butter.  It will definitely stick to your ribs!!

I made enough spaghetti for an army!!  I think our electric bill with be huge this month, with the dehydrator going 24/7 for a week....The food sealer going whenever someone had a chance...the oven going all afternoon today....and it is only 110!!!

Will was going to go on one last long trip before Peru, but he has to work at KTAR Monday and Tuesday and maybe some other days this week and next.  The Scouts are going to the Unitas and to some High Adventure Camp in Utah.  The food is an issue this time, as they opted out of the food plan and have to take enough stuff for 12 days!!  Hopefully, no one get;s to become friends with Montezuma or Mr. Giardia!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Right now, I HATE the beach!!

For the 4th of July, we (Steve and I) went to California.  On Friday, we went to Zuma Beach.  It was an overcast June Gloom type of day-in fact it was chilly at times.  Steve and I went fro a walk when we got there, and I proceeded to step on something sharp-a bee stinger!!  So, my foot proceeded to swell and hurt.

Steve, my mom, John, and I sat in our chairs and people watched-did we see some sights...a red Speedo...a lifeguard going to in help a guy...a pervert with a huge camera taking pictures of everything and everyone...

Well, I have always turned a little red and then tan within a couple of days...since the chemo thought, I just seem to turn a little red and not really tan.  This time, I turned bright red on my legs, arms and back...only on the front...Now, one week later, I am peeling and blistering on top of blisters.  All day long, I would look down and see wet spots on the thigh area of my pants.  With how hot is was today, I could not wait to get home to strip!!

We were planning on going to San Diego in August.  Not now!!  I think camping in the trailer is looking pretty good and a lot cheaper!! 

The Call Is.....

Peru Cusco-reports November 17

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Need an ENT

I have my bi-yearly sore throat and hoarse voice!!  I can't talk..I jut croak.  I think I need to see a doctor.  Oh, right, I see one to three, or more everyday!! and they are ENTs...

I HATE to feel 1ike this.  My ear hurts, the base of my tongue feels like it is hitting the back on my throat...Yesterday, I began the treatment, so now I can't sleep (the Prednisone to take down the swelling makes me feel horrible-bad taste in the mouth, sour stomach, and insomnia) and I am taking an antibiotic (also hits the tummy).

I had better feel better by Wednesday-California here I come!!

Vacation, BABY!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Will Be Waiting...

Will completed his mission papers and met with the Bishop this week.  His papers were lost in computer heaven for a couple of weeks, but now he meets with the Stake President on Tuesday.  We shall see....Hopefully, it is somewhere safe that I will want to go to in 2 years and not in South America!!  Me in the rain forest with bugs...not a good idea, as all the bigs love me too much!!!

Plans Do Change...

Well....the EMR project did not go as planned!! Some things did not work...some things did not work as expected...some people are on leave and left with stuff undone!!!

Here's what happened...

June 10 at 8AM we tried our first patient.  All went well, until time do do the plan...It was not there!!  The educational portion was not there!!  George and Brent were there and tried to take care of it.  Needless to say, we only used it a couple of more times that day, but what we did use was better than the  old thing and we could see light at the end....Until that night...

About 7PM, for some reason, I decided to check my email.  Dr. Altman, one of the physicians on the Board of VENT asked me to call him, and left his number. I tried, but it went to voicemail.  On my way to work on Wednesday, I stopped by Circle K, for my 79 cent Diet Pepsi, and my phone rang.  It was Dr. Kelsch, telling me that George was on Administrative Leave, pending a Board Review.  Poop!!!  How are we going to finish the project!!!  What is going to happen now???  Dr. Altman called me when I got to the office, to tell me what I already knew.  Wow!!!  That came from nowhere---especially with the other two that I work with...I thought they told me everything!! VENT is being run by the physicians for awhile.  Dr. Weiner and I, as well as Dr. Kelsch are working on the EMR.  The physicians have really stepped up and taken control.  They are making sure all managers and staff know what is going on and have divided up the work.  It will be great to see where we go now.  I am excited!!

This week is my first solo EMR meeting...We shall see!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I can't wait for 8am on Tuesday morning!!  Our EMR project goes live!!  We tried it today and it looks great and works great!!  I can't wait for Dr, Kelsch to try it and to see all of our hard work come to life!!  We have a physician EMR meeting on Tuesday night and I can't wait to tell them how it went!

The amazing thing is that Greenfield is next!!  For two doctors who were against it, when we talked computers, etc. they became excited and are next on the list!!


My "Favorite" Job

If there is one thing I HATE to do, it is clean my closet.  Ask my mom...she will tell anyone what my closet looked like growing up.  More than once I came home from school to find it emptied on the floor!!  Steve used to clean the closet for me when I was out of town on a work trip-but I have none of those for 5 years, because of the other stuff going on in my life!!  So, it has probably been that long since I went through the shoes and clothes and got rid of the stuff that just takes up space.  I now have 3 bags ready to go out the door and my shirts, skirts, dresses and stuff organized.  I just need to do something with the shoes-but tomorrow, that will mean a trip to Target-darn!! Like that will be a chore!!!

Wait til Steve and Will get home from their backpacking trip----it will be a well spent 2 hours to clean up my messy closet!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

BEST Concert EVER!!!!

For Mother's Day, I got my mom tickets to the Michael Buble' concert. It was the best early Mother's Day gift ever!! Of course, I had to get myself a Mother's Day gift, because someone had to go with her!!

We went to the concert last night. It was a great night---We went to Grimaldi's for pizza and salad and then parked at Price and Apache and took the light rail to USAC. Mom had never been on the light rail, so I had to take her on it. With concert tickets, the ride is free and parking was $15 near USAC!! Amazing what they get for a little spot of asphalt!!

We had great seats, that I purchased in December-imagine the interest that the promoter made on those purchases---they sold out, so that was 13,000 tickets!!

The opening act was the most amazing thing I have seen in awhile. It was an acapella group, called Natural 7. How people can use their voices and natural sounds to make the music of a band is amazing!! They have a CD coming out, but I think you need to see them to really appreciate the music they make!!

Michael Buble was next-after a 30 minute break and a $5 bottle of water-but was it worth the wait!! I have always felt like he smiles when he sings-and he does!! He just seems to literally enjoy his job and appreciates his talent and those that made his talent into a living for him. He made a point to talk about how he appreciated people spending their money at a time like this to see him. He sang all of his best songs-but anything he sings is so great!! I love Harry Connick, but I think Michael just moved up on him BIG time!! I can see him as an old man, still singing the great love songs and loving doing it!! He appreciates where he came from to get where he is today. To really get an appreciation for who he is, wiki him-I did early in the week, and I think that made his stories and music mean more to me!!

Next concert---James Taylor and Carole King---Review to come in May....

Can't Sleep...Again....

Here I am, up at 3:48am.....watching TV, surfing the net, thinking...

Ever since I had chemo, etc. my sleep schedule sucks!! I am sure it is the lack of hormones!! I forgot to take a Tylenol PM last night, sleep!! I have tried acupuncture, medications, sleep deprivation...the body rules, though...if it does not want to sleep, I do not sleep!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Blind Side

I had been wanting to see The Blind Side forever. We tried to see it at the movie theater, but they oversold the tickets. It has been on On Demand for awhile, so I finally watched it while Steve and Will were at Priesthood.

There are so many lessons to learn from this movie!! It is amazing that a white woman in the South would even think of helping a big black man. My aunt in Arkansas still is very discriminatory toward Black people.

When LeeAnn and Sean went to bed the first night Big Mike was in their house, I think that no matter how Christian we are, we would all wonder about our belongings. Would we be just as concerned if it was a new white person, that we had just met? I think I would have had those feeling no matter who it was. I don't think I could have brought a stranger like Mike into my house. I have had those times where I thought I should have given money to the person on the side of the road and have just kept on going. You hear and read those stories about the scammers out there, but then there are those who truly need help. I guess it is all in listening to the Spirit, and hoping that you are helping the right person. When I was in San Francisco, with Mom and John, a man came up to up with his cup and sign-which said "Why Lie? It is for a beer." I gave him some change...Not that I agreed with the beer-but at least he was up front!!

The other kids in the family could have been so jealous!! I loved SJ and his training and being with Mike during the College Scouting!! When he said how close they were, I just thought that was so great!! To come from the monetary and social deprivity that Mike did to what he ultimately experienced was just so inspiring. He had no other siblings-that he really knew and had no money or items of comfort. How many kids would no complain about the one extra shirt they had?? How many kids would go and handwash it everyday?? How many kids would clean up the gym, so that they would have the leftover popcorn? How many kids would clen up after themselves?

This movie showed how our educational system can fail a child. To get to high school, with all of the educational deficits that Mike had is amazing. I have heard of these things-and teachers that really did not care. I never experienced that in my education. Parents can fail the kids, as well. Reading to a child every night does not have to be expensive. Books can come from the library. What an example to set for a child-parents showing the value of learning always-parents reading...

I could keep going and going!!! This was probably one of those movies I can see over and over!! If you ahve not seen it----rent it or PPV it!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Will NEVER Be Bored Again!!!

A few months ago, I blogged about being bored at work!! Well, no more!!

As of Friday, I have 3 jobs...

  1. Manager at the Greenfield location 2-1/2 days per week.
  2. EMR Project Coordinator-whenever I have a chance...
  3. Manager at the Osborn location.
Well, I kind of asked for it, when I (and Lynn) decided that we needed to come forward and let one of the physicians know that his office was dysfunctional, due to his manager. It took a few weeks, but she was let go on Thursday, and on Friday at 7AM I became their manager too. It was amaing to see and feel the difference in their office in one day!! Employees told us how they felt like they were in the middle of all of the problems. We all ( including Dr. K, who bought lunch) ate together and laughed together. At the end of the day, we all joined together and discussed the day!! It felt so goos to see Dr. K relaxed!!

Now, I just hope I remember where I am supposed to be when!!! Thanks goodness for my Blackberry and it's calendar!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh...The Tangled Web We Weave...

Yesterday, I was working in Scottsdale, and Steve called me at 5:30 and suggested that I call Bonnie from work about an occurrence at the office. Never in my life did I think I would have to deal with this....adultery of an employee!!

Apparently, a lady called and asked for X. Bonnie told her that X was unavailable and the lady said she was going to come to the office and "take care of her". As you can imagine, she became freaked out!! She talked to X, who said the guy was "just a friend", and the wife wanted to get her fired. X previously told another employee that she had had an affair with this guy...Who knows what to believe!!

Needless to say, I had to write up X today...the safety of my employees is at stake!!

What amazes me is how she can look me straight in the face and say "we just were talking"..If they were, then why not tell your spouse?? If I had a good guy friend, I would tell Steve where and when we were going to talk or whatever. If nothing funny is going on , nothing bad will happen. How can someone be an example to their kids by having behaviors like this? The only thing I can think of is that it is culturally OK for X. She has a daughter...what an example for a mom.

So, the moral of the story is....Keep your personal live personal...Don't let it affect your job...Don't impact the safety of your fellow employees...Act like a responsible parent....I can keep going...The more I think about this, the more upset I enough..

Shower and Olympics....Here I come!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Gifts

As I thought about my back issues, I began to think of the traits our families pass down.

Here are some of mine:

  • My great grandmother had breast cancer when she was 65. As she became forgetful in her later years, she would take out her breast prosthesis and leave it anywhere. One night, I went into my room in the dark to get something out of the top drawer of my dresser. You know how you know where your stuff is? Well, I put my hand in the drawer to get something and I grabbed her prosthesis-Cold, squishy and a scream from me!
  • My grandmother, Lillian, had large hips. Thanks, Gram!! No matter how much I work out, I can't get rid of them!! When your Mom wear a size 4, it is frustrating!!
  • My grandma, Nanna, loved to be a tomboy!! Me too!! She was 5 ft tall, and when I was little, she drove a big Ford truck with 4 on the floor and a snow plow. She would wear pants all the time, if she could!! She loved to cook and clean and be with the family, but she would rather not do something girly!! I am so sure she would have loved NASCAR and would have been at every race, dressed for her favorite driver!!
  • My mom gave me the trait to have to be in charge and to make everyone nuts around me!! I have to make sure whatever gets done, and I might tell Steve a thousand times to be sure that he does something...At least he is getting used to it!!
Thanks for listening-I don's know why I had to say all of this, but I felt like I did!!

A Good Deed Gone Bad

Friday night Steve's scouts had a date night at Red Mountain Park. Of course, I was Steve's date!! He cooked the chicken at home and took it to the park. The boys were in charge of everything-but as boys think, there were some things missing. They decided to have ice cream sundaes for dessert-the boy in charge of the sundaes brought 3 containers of ice cream, and put it in the ice chest for the 2 hours until dessert. Being the girl I am, I told Steve to give me the keys and I would find a place in my full (we bought 1/2 a cow this week, and we have beef everywhere) for it until dessert.

When I was at home, I gathered stuff I thought they needed-plates, extra plasticware, chocolate sauce, cherries, whipped cream, butter, sour cream, tomatoes-and brought it back. We enjoyed chicken, baked potatoes and salad. The kids, and some adults, went and played tag games in the dark. Laura Jones, Sara Tuckett and I just sat and visited, until Steve came and asked me to go home for the ice cream. I decided to get come cookies at Bashas to make the sundaes better.

When I arrived at Bashas' there was an older lady unloading her groceries into her car. She seemed to be having difficulty, but I was in a hurry to get back with the ice cream. I went into the store and got the cookies. When I came out, she was still struggling with her groceries, so I put my cookies into the seat of her basket and told her I would help unload her 2 cases of water. Up and in with case 1-no problem. Up and almost in with case 2-I heard the dreaded pop in my lower right back....

Here we go again-I am on the couch, loaded with Soma and Adsorbine Jr. I should have know better-but I would hope someone would help my mom unload her heavy stuff!!!

At ;east I can update my blog and surf the Internet!!! It can always be worse....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Am A Mess

I have had a headache for three days!! Yesterday, I decided to go to the reflexology place (a legal, kind of massage place) for a 90 minute massage. That helped a little. Friday night, I took a Soma (muscle relaxant) and it kind of helped my poor shoulder. So, since it worked on Friday, I decided to take one last night with one of my pain medications. I was up ALL night!! I watched my Tivoed shows, a movie or two and some reality TV. There is nothing my paid advertisements, except on LMN, during the night!! Then, I popped up with a rash all over the bod. An itchy, red ugly thing!! All I have done all day is itch and hold my eyes open, so that I can sleep good tonight!! At least, I made dinner, so I was not a complete waste of DNA today!! Tomorrow will be a new day and week...hopefully a productive non itchy nonpainful week...without any is comes again on Wednesday!!

I am still waiting for my replacement..No one is good enough yet..or someone else steals them...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Day of Service

We have had a HUGE winter storm since last Tuesday. Mom and John were finally able to go back to Payson today, as the roads had been closed due to landslides. We decided to beat them home and shovel the driveway for them, as John has some back issues. We shoveled and shoveled...I slipped on the ice under the snow, and my passed rear saved me from a bad situation. the following are pictures of Mom's house and the ride we took up to Kohl's Ranch, after we were done.