Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Am A Mess

I have had a headache for three days!! Yesterday, I decided to go to the reflexology place (a legal, kind of massage place) for a 90 minute massage. That helped a little. Friday night, I took a Soma (muscle relaxant) and it kind of helped my poor shoulder. So, since it worked on Friday, I decided to take one last night with one of my pain medications. I was up ALL night!! I watched my Tivoed shows, a movie or two and some reality TV. There is nothing my paid advertisements, except on LMN, during the night!! Then, I popped up with a rash all over the bod. An itchy, red ugly thing!! All I have done all day is itch and hold my eyes open, so that I can sleep good tonight!! At least, I made dinner, so I was not a complete waste of DNA today!! Tomorrow will be a new day and week...hopefully a productive non itchy nonpainful week...without any is comes again on Wednesday!!

I am still waiting for my replacement..No one is good enough yet..or someone else steals them...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Day of Service

We have had a HUGE winter storm since last Tuesday. Mom and John were finally able to go back to Payson today, as the roads had been closed due to landslides. We decided to beat them home and shovel the driveway for them, as John has some back issues. We shoveled and shoveled...I slipped on the ice under the snow, and my passed rear saved me from a bad situation. the following are pictures of Mom's house and the ride we took up to Kohl's Ranch, after we were done.