Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Am A Mess

I have had a headache for three days!! Yesterday, I decided to go to the reflexology place (a legal, kind of massage place) for a 90 minute massage. That helped a little. Friday night, I took a Soma (muscle relaxant) and it kind of helped my poor shoulder. So, since it worked on Friday, I decided to take one last night with one of my pain medications. I was up ALL night!! I watched my Tivoed shows, a movie or two and some reality TV. There is nothing my paid advertisements, except on LMN, during the night!! Then, I popped up with a rash all over the bod. An itchy, red ugly thing!! All I have done all day is itch and hold my eyes open, so that I can sleep good tonight!! At least, I made dinner, so I was not a complete waste of DNA today!! Tomorrow will be a new day and week...hopefully a productive non itchy nonpainful week...without any is comes again on Wednesday!!

I am still waiting for my replacement..No one is good enough yet..or someone else steals them...

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