Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh...The Tangled Web We Weave...

Yesterday, I was working in Scottsdale, and Steve called me at 5:30 and suggested that I call Bonnie from work about an occurrence at the office. Never in my life did I think I would have to deal with this....adultery of an employee!!

Apparently, a lady called and asked for X. Bonnie told her that X was unavailable and the lady said she was going to come to the office and "take care of her". As you can imagine, she became freaked out!! She talked to X, who said the guy was "just a friend", and the wife wanted to get her fired. X previously told another employee that she had had an affair with this guy...Who knows what to believe!!

Needless to say, I had to write up X today...the safety of my employees is at stake!!

What amazes me is how she can look me straight in the face and say "we just were talking"..If they were, then why not tell your spouse?? If I had a good guy friend, I would tell Steve where and when we were going to talk or whatever. If nothing funny is going on , nothing bad will happen. How can someone be an example to their kids by having behaviors like this? The only thing I can think of is that it is culturally OK for X. She has a daughter...what an example for a mom.

So, the moral of the story is....Keep your personal live personal...Don't let it affect your job...Don't impact the safety of your fellow employees...Act like a responsible parent....I can keep going...The more I think about this, the more upset I enough..

Shower and Olympics....Here I come!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Gifts

As I thought about my back issues, I began to think of the traits our families pass down.

Here are some of mine:

  • My great grandmother had breast cancer when she was 65. As she became forgetful in her later years, she would take out her breast prosthesis and leave it anywhere. One night, I went into my room in the dark to get something out of the top drawer of my dresser. You know how you know where your stuff is? Well, I put my hand in the drawer to get something and I grabbed her prosthesis-Cold, squishy and a scream from me!
  • My grandmother, Lillian, had large hips. Thanks, Gram!! No matter how much I work out, I can't get rid of them!! When your Mom wear a size 4, it is frustrating!!
  • My grandma, Nanna, loved to be a tomboy!! Me too!! She was 5 ft tall, and when I was little, she drove a big Ford truck with 4 on the floor and a snow plow. She would wear pants all the time, if she could!! She loved to cook and clean and be with the family, but she would rather not do something girly!! I am so sure she would have loved NASCAR and would have been at every race, dressed for her favorite driver!!
  • My mom gave me the trait to have to be in charge and to make everyone nuts around me!! I have to make sure whatever gets done, and I might tell Steve a thousand times to be sure that he does something...At least he is getting used to it!!
Thanks for listening-I don's know why I had to say all of this, but I felt like I did!!

A Good Deed Gone Bad

Friday night Steve's scouts had a date night at Red Mountain Park. Of course, I was Steve's date!! He cooked the chicken at home and took it to the park. The boys were in charge of everything-but as boys think, there were some things missing. They decided to have ice cream sundaes for dessert-the boy in charge of the sundaes brought 3 containers of ice cream, and put it in the ice chest for the 2 hours until dessert. Being the girl I am, I told Steve to give me the keys and I would find a place in my full (we bought 1/2 a cow this week, and we have beef everywhere) for it until dessert.

When I was at home, I gathered stuff I thought they needed-plates, extra plasticware, chocolate sauce, cherries, whipped cream, butter, sour cream, tomatoes-and brought it back. We enjoyed chicken, baked potatoes and salad. The kids, and some adults, went and played tag games in the dark. Laura Jones, Sara Tuckett and I just sat and visited, until Steve came and asked me to go home for the ice cream. I decided to get come cookies at Bashas to make the sundaes better.

When I arrived at Bashas' there was an older lady unloading her groceries into her car. She seemed to be having difficulty, but I was in a hurry to get back with the ice cream. I went into the store and got the cookies. When I came out, she was still struggling with her groceries, so I put my cookies into the seat of her basket and told her I would help unload her 2 cases of water. Up and in with case 1-no problem. Up and almost in with case 2-I heard the dreaded pop in my lower right back....

Here we go again-I am on the couch, loaded with Soma and Adsorbine Jr. I should have know better-but I would hope someone would help my mom unload her heavy stuff!!!

At ;east I can update my blog and surf the Internet!!! It can always be worse....