Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Gifts

As I thought about my back issues, I began to think of the traits our families pass down.

Here are some of mine:

  • My great grandmother had breast cancer when she was 65. As she became forgetful in her later years, she would take out her breast prosthesis and leave it anywhere. One night, I went into my room in the dark to get something out of the top drawer of my dresser. You know how you know where your stuff is? Well, I put my hand in the drawer to get something and I grabbed her prosthesis-Cold, squishy and a scream from me!
  • My grandmother, Lillian, had large hips. Thanks, Gram!! No matter how much I work out, I can't get rid of them!! When your Mom wear a size 4, it is frustrating!!
  • My grandma, Nanna, loved to be a tomboy!! Me too!! She was 5 ft tall, and when I was little, she drove a big Ford truck with 4 on the floor and a snow plow. She would wear pants all the time, if she could!! She loved to cook and clean and be with the family, but she would rather not do something girly!! I am so sure she would have loved NASCAR and would have been at every race, dressed for her favorite driver!!
  • My mom gave me the trait to have to be in charge and to make everyone nuts around me!! I have to make sure whatever gets done, and I might tell Steve a thousand times to be sure that he does something...At least he is getting used to it!!
Thanks for listening-I don's know why I had to say all of this, but I felt like I did!!

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Arizona Girl said...

I can relate to some of yours. I inherited Grandam Sowards's figure. You made me smile.