Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Good Deed Gone Bad

Friday night Steve's scouts had a date night at Red Mountain Park. Of course, I was Steve's date!! He cooked the chicken at home and took it to the park. The boys were in charge of everything-but as boys think, there were some things missing. They decided to have ice cream sundaes for dessert-the boy in charge of the sundaes brought 3 containers of ice cream, and put it in the ice chest for the 2 hours until dessert. Being the girl I am, I told Steve to give me the keys and I would find a place in my full (we bought 1/2 a cow this week, and we have beef everywhere) for it until dessert.

When I was at home, I gathered stuff I thought they needed-plates, extra plasticware, chocolate sauce, cherries, whipped cream, butter, sour cream, tomatoes-and brought it back. We enjoyed chicken, baked potatoes and salad. The kids, and some adults, went and played tag games in the dark. Laura Jones, Sara Tuckett and I just sat and visited, until Steve came and asked me to go home for the ice cream. I decided to get come cookies at Bashas to make the sundaes better.

When I arrived at Bashas' there was an older lady unloading her groceries into her car. She seemed to be having difficulty, but I was in a hurry to get back with the ice cream. I went into the store and got the cookies. When I came out, she was still struggling with her groceries, so I put my cookies into the seat of her basket and told her I would help unload her 2 cases of water. Up and in with case 1-no problem. Up and almost in with case 2-I heard the dreaded pop in my lower right back....

Here we go again-I am on the couch, loaded with Soma and Adsorbine Jr. I should have know better-but I would hope someone would help my mom unload her heavy stuff!!!

At ;east I can update my blog and surf the Internet!!! It can always be worse....

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