Saturday, April 10, 2010

BEST Concert EVER!!!!

For Mother's Day, I got my mom tickets to the Michael Buble' concert. It was the best early Mother's Day gift ever!! Of course, I had to get myself a Mother's Day gift, because someone had to go with her!!

We went to the concert last night. It was a great night---We went to Grimaldi's for pizza and salad and then parked at Price and Apache and took the light rail to USAC. Mom had never been on the light rail, so I had to take her on it. With concert tickets, the ride is free and parking was $15 near USAC!! Amazing what they get for a little spot of asphalt!!

We had great seats, that I purchased in December-imagine the interest that the promoter made on those purchases---they sold out, so that was 13,000 tickets!!

The opening act was the most amazing thing I have seen in awhile. It was an acapella group, called Natural 7. How people can use their voices and natural sounds to make the music of a band is amazing!! They have a CD coming out, but I think you need to see them to really appreciate the music they make!!

Michael Buble was next-after a 30 minute break and a $5 bottle of water-but was it worth the wait!! I have always felt like he smiles when he sings-and he does!! He just seems to literally enjoy his job and appreciates his talent and those that made his talent into a living for him. He made a point to talk about how he appreciated people spending their money at a time like this to see him. He sang all of his best songs-but anything he sings is so great!! I love Harry Connick, but I think Michael just moved up on him BIG time!! I can see him as an old man, still singing the great love songs and loving doing it!! He appreciates where he came from to get where he is today. To really get an appreciation for who he is, wiki him-I did early in the week, and I think that made his stories and music mean more to me!!

Next concert---James Taylor and Carole King---Review to come in May....

Can't Sleep...Again....

Here I am, up at 3:48am.....watching TV, surfing the net, thinking...

Ever since I had chemo, etc. my sleep schedule sucks!! I am sure it is the lack of hormones!! I forgot to take a Tylenol PM last night, sleep!! I have tried acupuncture, medications, sleep deprivation...the body rules, though...if it does not want to sleep, I do not sleep!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Blind Side

I had been wanting to see The Blind Side forever. We tried to see it at the movie theater, but they oversold the tickets. It has been on On Demand for awhile, so I finally watched it while Steve and Will were at Priesthood.

There are so many lessons to learn from this movie!! It is amazing that a white woman in the South would even think of helping a big black man. My aunt in Arkansas still is very discriminatory toward Black people.

When LeeAnn and Sean went to bed the first night Big Mike was in their house, I think that no matter how Christian we are, we would all wonder about our belongings. Would we be just as concerned if it was a new white person, that we had just met? I think I would have had those feeling no matter who it was. I don't think I could have brought a stranger like Mike into my house. I have had those times where I thought I should have given money to the person on the side of the road and have just kept on going. You hear and read those stories about the scammers out there, but then there are those who truly need help. I guess it is all in listening to the Spirit, and hoping that you are helping the right person. When I was in San Francisco, with Mom and John, a man came up to up with his cup and sign-which said "Why Lie? It is for a beer." I gave him some change...Not that I agreed with the beer-but at least he was up front!!

The other kids in the family could have been so jealous!! I loved SJ and his training and being with Mike during the College Scouting!! When he said how close they were, I just thought that was so great!! To come from the monetary and social deprivity that Mike did to what he ultimately experienced was just so inspiring. He had no other siblings-that he really knew and had no money or items of comfort. How many kids would no complain about the one extra shirt they had?? How many kids would go and handwash it everyday?? How many kids would clean up the gym, so that they would have the leftover popcorn? How many kids would clen up after themselves?

This movie showed how our educational system can fail a child. To get to high school, with all of the educational deficits that Mike had is amazing. I have heard of these things-and teachers that really did not care. I never experienced that in my education. Parents can fail the kids, as well. Reading to a child every night does not have to be expensive. Books can come from the library. What an example to set for a child-parents showing the value of learning always-parents reading...

I could keep going and going!!! This was probably one of those movies I can see over and over!! If you ahve not seen it----rent it or PPV it!!