Saturday, April 10, 2010

BEST Concert EVER!!!!

For Mother's Day, I got my mom tickets to the Michael Buble' concert. It was the best early Mother's Day gift ever!! Of course, I had to get myself a Mother's Day gift, because someone had to go with her!!

We went to the concert last night. It was a great night---We went to Grimaldi's for pizza and salad and then parked at Price and Apache and took the light rail to USAC. Mom had never been on the light rail, so I had to take her on it. With concert tickets, the ride is free and parking was $15 near USAC!! Amazing what they get for a little spot of asphalt!!

We had great seats, that I purchased in December-imagine the interest that the promoter made on those purchases---they sold out, so that was 13,000 tickets!!

The opening act was the most amazing thing I have seen in awhile. It was an acapella group, called Natural 7. How people can use their voices and natural sounds to make the music of a band is amazing!! They have a CD coming out, but I think you need to see them to really appreciate the music they make!!

Michael Buble was next-after a 30 minute break and a $5 bottle of water-but was it worth the wait!! I have always felt like he smiles when he sings-and he does!! He just seems to literally enjoy his job and appreciates his talent and those that made his talent into a living for him. He made a point to talk about how he appreciated people spending their money at a time like this to see him. He sang all of his best songs-but anything he sings is so great!! I love Harry Connick, but I think Michael just moved up on him BIG time!! I can see him as an old man, still singing the great love songs and loving doing it!! He appreciates where he came from to get where he is today. To really get an appreciation for who he is, wiki him-I did early in the week, and I think that made his stories and music mean more to me!!

Next concert---James Taylor and Carole King---Review to come in May....

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