Friday, June 4, 2010

My "Favorite" Job

If there is one thing I HATE to do, it is clean my closet.  Ask my mom...she will tell anyone what my closet looked like growing up.  More than once I came home from school to find it emptied on the floor!!  Steve used to clean the closet for me when I was out of town on a work trip-but I have none of those for 5 years, because of the other stuff going on in my life!!  So, it has probably been that long since I went through the shoes and clothes and got rid of the stuff that just takes up space.  I now have 3 bags ready to go out the door and my shirts, skirts, dresses and stuff organized.  I just need to do something with the shoes-but tomorrow, that will mean a trip to Target-darn!! Like that will be a chore!!!

Wait til Steve and Will get home from their backpacking trip----it will be a well spent 2 hours to clean up my messy closet!!

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