Thursday, July 29, 2010

Explain a Few Things to Me..

  1. Why are we just seeing people of Hispanic descent protesting and complaining about SB1070?
  2. Why do we cater to the Hispanic group?  What about the Korean speakers, French...?
  3. Did Jan Brewer start this whole thing to get re-elected?
  4. Why was Barack Obama on The View today rather than speaking to the Boy Scouts at the National Jamboree?
  5. Why is Chelsea Clinton having a $3 million wedding?  Did that many people buy her parents books?  She does deserve it, after being a teenage with a philandering father and weird mother...but really, take the money and start your new life with a HUGE nest egg.
If you have any answers to these pressing questions, please leave me a comment.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pay It Forward

Tomorrow, my friend Kellie begins her chemo for recurrent lymphoma.  Today when we talked she seemed to be depressed-but who wouldn't!!  The worst part is that she has been there before and know what to expect and when to expect it-but this time it will be stronger and more in a shorter period of time.  I feel so bad for her having been there myself. 

I looked at Snuggles, our dog, tonight and felt to blessed to have her in my house.  When I had chemo, she never left my side.  When I threw up, she paid right next to me.  If I went to the kitchen, she went with me.  If I was ad, she would get even closer to me and let me cry on her. 

Sounds weird, but I feel like I am Kellie's Snuggles-she depends on me to be there for her and I want to be.  So many people supported me-and I have to pay it forward.  I always remember what I learned growing up-what you do always comes back to you.  You can't do anything better than be a great example to your children and others.  So Kellie....I'm there for you!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun at Scout Camp=and at Home

Today is Day 7 of Scout camp....This morning the phone rang at 8:32 and it was Steve calling to tell me that the 5 scouts and 6 adults are doing well.  I guess the boys never grow up!! Any excuse to act like a kid again!! They are in Wyoming and were preparing to go into Church.  I did hear from him for a minute yesterday when they were at WalMart buying roast and more food for the rest of the trip.  Now they will be at a High Adventure Camp for the rest of the time.

While Steve has been gone, Will and I are having fun...Friday night we went to PF Chang's for dinner.  Last night we had pizza and I just finished making one of our favorite pies-strawberry rhubarb.  Before Friday, we need to eat a juicy cherry pie.  Steve HATES cherries-he ate a whole pie himself as a little kid and you know what happened next-and not just an upset Mom!!-but it is a favorite of ours!!!

Will spoke in the Single's Branch today.  Wow...more girls than boys there!!  I bet there were only 50 people there.  He did a great job.

Now.....we are just bring bumps on a of my favorite things to be.....especially with a busy week ahead!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Prayer, Please

I have a friend, Kellie, that I really feel Heavenly Father had a hand in helping us to meet each other.  In December, when I finally told the docs that I wanted to leave, we were looking for my replacement.  She happened to being her son in for a tonsillectomy consultation, and mentioned that she was an ENT nurse in Colorado.  I proceeded to shut the door and asked her if she was looking for a job.  She told me that she had completed treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma and was thinking of going back to work after the 1st of the year.  I highly suggested that she contact our HR department and apply for my job.  Well, she contacted HR and ended up getting the CSM job at our Baseline location. 

As Kellie had experience with EMR she began to attend our meetings on Tuesday nights, and since we already kind of knew each other, she would call me when she needed anything.  We would take about our experiences with cancer and the treatments, bald heads, getting your hair done for the first time...

It will be three weeks on Monday that Kellie called me, very upset.  She has a PET scan, which lit up her neck, indicating that she had cancer again in her neck.  She had been to her oncologist, and yes, the lymphoma was back.  she had finished a triathalon in June and was feeling great.  The PET was her regular 6 month follow up, so no one expected anything to light up!!  She is in such great shape!!!  She had had her hair colored and cut for the first time since she finished treatments, loved her job, and her family was getting back to as  normal as life with a 20 month old and 4 year old could be!!  You see, she was initially diagnosed not long after her son was born!!

Kellie has a long road ahead of her.  She was to start chemo today, but the oncologist decided to wait until next week, so she could be evaluated at Mayo, where she will ultimately have a bone marrow transplant in a couple of months.  But, to get ready for the transplant, the medications will almost kill her!!  She has to have chemo for three consecutive weeks, one week off and then repeat for at least 2 courses.  she will then have bone marrow extracted from her hip..I read today  up to 2 quarts...that will then be processed for her T cells.  she will go to Mayo for more high dose chemo, and will have the T cells given, like a blood transfusion.    during this time, which can be from 4-6 weeks, she will have to stay in the hospital. 

So....please remember Kellie in your prayers!!!  When I look at her, I see me...Our lives mirror each other's in so many ways and in so many things.  It is almost tot he point that we know when the other will be calling about some work thing!!  Our Mom's both were in our jobs before us....We are both nurses....We both have been the cancer route...We both are independent....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was Speechless!!

Never in my life has anything like what happened today happened to me before.  One of the ladies at my Scottsdale office told me at 8:45am that her husband broke down after her dropped her off at work.  She said she needed to walk down the street to give him her credit card and would be back.  Well....after an hour, I became concerned, as she is 21 weeks pregnant.  I called her cell....right to voicemail....I called it again and again...voicemail....When lunchtime came around, I started to think that her brother had not called all day, and he usually called once to ask about what he should do with her other kids that he was watching.  Then, I decided to check the phone for a number for her husband.  I found it and left a message that we were very concerned about her and please call.  My other co-worked texted her at the same time.  Well, she texted that she could not come back to work because of all of the "stuff in her life" and her "transportation issues"...She then called our HR department and told her the same thing.  As of now, I have not heard from her, and I thought we got along quite well.  She has had many problems during the past few weeks and does live on the other end of town, but I would have understood.

But, things happen for a reason.....I have a new employee starting tomorrow.  An older lady, who has been temping at one of our other offices,,,Yea!!  No pregnancy....Maturity...Dependability...A tried and true employee!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Can Finally See My Countertop!!

We have been getting ready for Scout seems like forever this year.  Steve has been sealing food for a week now!!  We found that the food sealer is a great way to portion out the food, after he had dehydrated the food.  This time we tried new stuff...dehydrated applesauce...dehydrated hamburger...dehydrated "tropical salad"...I have made energy bars and granola..and Hudson Bay Bread.  Why it is called bread, I do not know.  It is a sweet, hard bar, not unlike a granola bar.  The books say to eat it with peanut butter.  It will definitely stick to your ribs!!

I made enough spaghetti for an army!!  I think our electric bill with be huge this month, with the dehydrator going 24/7 for a week....The food sealer going whenever someone had a chance...the oven going all afternoon today....and it is only 110!!!

Will was going to go on one last long trip before Peru, but he has to work at KTAR Monday and Tuesday and maybe some other days this week and next.  The Scouts are going to the Unitas and to some High Adventure Camp in Utah.  The food is an issue this time, as they opted out of the food plan and have to take enough stuff for 12 days!!  Hopefully, no one get;s to become friends with Montezuma or Mr. Giardia!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Right now, I HATE the beach!!

For the 4th of July, we (Steve and I) went to California.  On Friday, we went to Zuma Beach.  It was an overcast June Gloom type of day-in fact it was chilly at times.  Steve and I went fro a walk when we got there, and I proceeded to step on something sharp-a bee stinger!!  So, my foot proceeded to swell and hurt.

Steve, my mom, John, and I sat in our chairs and people watched-did we see some sights...a red Speedo...a lifeguard going to in help a guy...a pervert with a huge camera taking pictures of everything and everyone...

Well, I have always turned a little red and then tan within a couple of days...since the chemo thought, I just seem to turn a little red and not really tan.  This time, I turned bright red on my legs, arms and back...only on the front...Now, one week later, I am peeling and blistering on top of blisters.  All day long, I would look down and see wet spots on the thigh area of my pants.  With how hot is was today, I could not wait to get home to strip!!

We were planning on going to San Diego in August.  Not now!!  I think camping in the trailer is looking pretty good and a lot cheaper!! 

The Call Is.....

Peru Cusco-reports November 17