Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun at Scout Camp=and at Home

Today is Day 7 of Scout camp....This morning the phone rang at 8:32 and it was Steve calling to tell me that the 5 scouts and 6 adults are doing well.  I guess the boys never grow up!! Any excuse to act like a kid again!! They are in Wyoming and were preparing to go into Church.  I did hear from him for a minute yesterday when they were at WalMart buying roast and more food for the rest of the trip.  Now they will be at a High Adventure Camp for the rest of the time.

While Steve has been gone, Will and I are having fun...Friday night we went to PF Chang's for dinner.  Last night we had pizza and I just finished making one of our favorite pies-strawberry rhubarb.  Before Friday, we need to eat a juicy cherry pie.  Steve HATES cherries-he ate a whole pie himself as a little kid and you know what happened next-and not just an upset Mom!!-but it is a favorite of ours!!!

Will spoke in the Single's Branch today.  Wow...more girls than boys there!!  I bet there were only 50 people there.  He did a great job.

Now.....we are just bring bumps on a of my favorite things to be.....especially with a busy week ahead!!!

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