Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Can Finally See My Countertop!!

We have been getting ready for Scout seems like forever this year.  Steve has been sealing food for a week now!!  We found that the food sealer is a great way to portion out the food, after he had dehydrated the food.  This time we tried new stuff...dehydrated applesauce...dehydrated hamburger...dehydrated "tropical salad"...I have made energy bars and granola..and Hudson Bay Bread.  Why it is called bread, I do not know.  It is a sweet, hard bar, not unlike a granola bar.  The books say to eat it with peanut butter.  It will definitely stick to your ribs!!

I made enough spaghetti for an army!!  I think our electric bill with be huge this month, with the dehydrator going 24/7 for a week....The food sealer going whenever someone had a chance...the oven going all afternoon today....and it is only 110!!!

Will was going to go on one last long trip before Peru, but he has to work at KTAR Monday and Tuesday and maybe some other days this week and next.  The Scouts are going to the Unitas and to some High Adventure Camp in Utah.  The food is an issue this time, as they opted out of the food plan and have to take enough stuff for 12 days!!  Hopefully, no one get;s to become friends with Montezuma or Mr. Giardia!!!

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Az Kelms said...

I hope that they have a wonderful time! That is the way that I felt the year that Jared and the scouts went on one of the High Adventure trips. We had food EVERYWHERE! I appreciate all that you did to help. Hope that the the extra dehydrator helped out a little bit.