Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was Speechless!!

Never in my life has anything like what happened today happened to me before.  One of the ladies at my Scottsdale office told me at 8:45am that her husband broke down after her dropped her off at work.  She said she needed to walk down the street to give him her credit card and would be back.  Well....after an hour, I became concerned, as she is 21 weeks pregnant.  I called her cell....right to voicemail....I called it again and again...voicemail....When lunchtime came around, I started to think that her brother had not called all day, and he usually called once to ask about what he should do with her other kids that he was watching.  Then, I decided to check the phone for a number for her husband.  I found it and left a message that we were very concerned about her and please call.  My other co-worked texted her at the same time.  Well, she texted that she could not come back to work because of all of the "stuff in her life" and her "transportation issues"...She then called our HR department and told her the same thing.  As of now, I have not heard from her, and I thought we got along quite well.  She has had many problems during the past few weeks and does live on the other end of town, but I would have understood.

But, things happen for a reason.....I have a new employee starting tomorrow.  An older lady, who has been temping at one of our other offices,,,Yea!!  No pregnancy....Maturity...Dependability...A tried and true employee!!!!

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