Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pay It Forward

Tomorrow, my friend Kellie begins her chemo for recurrent lymphoma.  Today when we talked she seemed to be depressed-but who wouldn't!!  The worst part is that she has been there before and know what to expect and when to expect it-but this time it will be stronger and more in a shorter period of time.  I feel so bad for her having been there myself. 

I looked at Snuggles, our dog, tonight and felt to blessed to have her in my house.  When I had chemo, she never left my side.  When I threw up, she paid right next to me.  If I went to the kitchen, she went with me.  If I was ad, she would get even closer to me and let me cry on her. 

Sounds weird, but I feel like I am Kellie's Snuggles-she depends on me to be there for her and I want to be.  So many people supported me-and I have to pay it forward.  I always remember what I learned growing up-what you do always comes back to you.  You can't do anything better than be a great example to your children and others.  So Kellie....I'm there for you!!!

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