Friday, July 9, 2010

Right now, I HATE the beach!!

For the 4th of July, we (Steve and I) went to California.  On Friday, we went to Zuma Beach.  It was an overcast June Gloom type of day-in fact it was chilly at times.  Steve and I went fro a walk when we got there, and I proceeded to step on something sharp-a bee stinger!!  So, my foot proceeded to swell and hurt.

Steve, my mom, John, and I sat in our chairs and people watched-did we see some sights...a red Speedo...a lifeguard going to in help a guy...a pervert with a huge camera taking pictures of everything and everyone...

Well, I have always turned a little red and then tan within a couple of days...since the chemo thought, I just seem to turn a little red and not really tan.  This time, I turned bright red on my legs, arms and back...only on the front...Now, one week later, I am peeling and blistering on top of blisters.  All day long, I would look down and see wet spots on the thigh area of my pants.  With how hot is was today, I could not wait to get home to strip!!

We were planning on going to San Diego in August.  Not now!!  I think camping in the trailer is looking pretty good and a lot cheaper!! 

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