Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Know, I am Early

I decided to update the blog to Christmas today.  I have so much going on for the next week.  For Thanksgiving, I need to make LOTS of pies....2 pumpkin, 2 mince, 2 pecan....I have a meeting on Tuesday night, so I cannot do anything...Wednesday night I have to bake...bake...bake...Thursday is Turkey Day and we are going to Payson until Saturday or Sunday....

Will is doing well...If you believe no news is good news!!  We should hear from him this week.

Last  night I had a little accident with my nose, so I am sporting a slightly black eye this morning!!

On a great  note...there is a turkey in the oven...LOVE that smell!!!

1 comment:

Arizona Girl said...

I don't care that you're early.
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to see you sometime this weekend or at the Family christmas party