Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Experience with Mom

My mom and I went to Peru, Illinois this weekend to visit my mom's Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Dominic.  Uncle Dominic is only 16 years older than my mom, so he is like her older brother.  There are many family stories of troubles they got into together...Mom hid his engagement ring when he was going to ask Dorothy to marry him after WWII, because she was jealous.  Dominic wrote Mom's name on door, in writing that looked like hers, and my Nanna punished Mom for it.  After Dorothy and Dominic were married, they waited many years for their sons to be born, so my mom was like their child.  Dorothy would make candy for sales at school and would do everything with her, as my Nanna was busy running a tavern and gas station. 

As Uncle Dominic and Aunt Dorothy have aged, Mom tried to see then at least once a year.  Uncle Dominic has some serious health issues, so we felt this trip was needed.

After a three hour flight to Chicago and a 2 hour drive we arrived at their apartment.
Dinner on Thursday at their favorite restaurant....Applebees
Now, coming from the 60-70 degree weather of Arizona, we were not used to having this on Friday morning:
I wondered why Hertz had this ice scraper and brush in the car!

We picked up Dorothy and took her shopping and to lunch.  Her grand and great grandchildren live nearby, but she did not want to impose on them to take her clothes shopping.  Unbelievably, in a town of 9600, there is a great mall with Penneys, Sears, and Bergners (a Macy's type store), as well as the usual big box stores.  After 2 hours of shipping, she was ready for lunch
Can you believe the hair!!  Natural curl and THICK!!  
A nap was the next thing on the agenda, so we took Aunt Dorothy home to rest, until a party for Alton, my cousin Pam's now 4 year old.
The other great grandchildren are so cute!!
Maggie (Dorothy's curls) and eye of Alexis. 
But they should be...Here are the Great GrandParents and Grandpa, my cousin, Steve
When we left Pam's house, it was Steve followed us back to the apartment. Living in AZ, I was scared to death!!  The car slipped and slided, but we got them home and ourselves to the motel without any trouble. 

Saturday morning, Mom and I decided to do a mall run.  OH....the sweaters, coats, hats, and gloves we do not have in AZ.  Bears and Packers stuff...Lucky we had gone with room in the suitcases....But we could not go right away, because this was what we found
Good thing for Uggs and Hertz!!
It was COLD but the sites were unbelievable...
Unbelievable that 12 hour of little flakes does this!
 Since the roads and sidewalks were slick, we had pizza, pasta and salad delivered to the apartment for dinner and then said our goodbyes on Saturday night. 

Up early this morning, as the roads were expected to be icy, we arrived at the airport early, but we enjoyed people watching!!

We learned many things on this trip...Google Maps, not MapQuest; Mom snores; You can always squeeze something else into the suitcase; Older people keep the temp way too hot......and we will be back in Peru when the leaves are green!!

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