Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We celebrated Christmas at my mom's home in Payson.  As usual, we had the Johnson and Meyer families over.  This year, we decided to not exchange gifts with the adults, and to just give gifts to the Meyer boys, Ben and Matthew.  I am so glad that is what we did.  The stress of buying and wrapping was not there!!

As Will was gone, I decided to bake different things---I am always in charge of the sweet things!!  I made ginger cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cookies, turtles, and toffee for Christmas Eve.  For Christmas Day, I made pumpkin marbled cheesecake and cranberry swirl cheesecake.  Wow...they were good..  I love to try new things...anyone want to volunteer to taste test??? I don't bake too often, as there is no one here to eat it---but Steve and me!!

We did exchange gift/stockings with Mom and John.  We got a new computer for them on Black Friday--they were so excited and love it.  The old one was slow and would drop the Internet, etc.  I received a canner (thanks, JoAnn--now you have to help me!!), a potato ricer, B&N gift card (I now have a book on canning, and my new goal---baking all sorts of breads) and lots of other little stuff.  Steve is now all set to ride his bike in any weather--he is out now...

It was weird to not have Will here, but he is happy and is learning soooo much.  He thought they might have email time, but apparently they did not.  It will be interesting to hear what he did for Christmas later this week in his email.  I am so thankful that he is enjoying himself and meeting new people and a new culture.

Will's birthday is on Sunday....If you have a chance, please send him an

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