Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today is the anniversary of D-Day, the day the  Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, which lead to WWII.

When we visited Uncle Dominic last week, he told us a couple of stories about his experiences during WWII, when he was in the 82nd Airborne.  By my calculations, he was only 18 or 19 when he joined the Army.  Think about the boys you know that are this age....Could they go through the experiences that the soldiers did in 1941?  Do they have the strength to be in a foxhole for 53 continuous hours?  After that 53 hours, what would then do when they removed their socks and the skin on their feet came off with it?  When they heard the first clap of thunder when they returned home, would they have sought shelter under a kitchen table, while others were in the kitchen?  During the night when the images of war and the fatalities of the war filled their heads, would they scream and yell out into the night, interrupting the sleep of all in the house?

I am so thankful for those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in all of the military conflicts that the US has been involved in, leading to the great lives we all enjoy!!

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