Friday, December 31, 2010

Did You See The Snow??

It snowed yesterday!!  I was hard at work in Gilbert, and I looked out the window to see a sky as black as I have ever seen.  When I looked to the North, it was black and gray, and then I heard "it is snowing!".  Sure enough...I checked, and it said "Snow Flurries" in the 85215 zip code!!  Who would've thought??

According to my mom, it snowed here on  January 11, 1962...the day I was born.  In the olden days, ladies were basically given anesthesia when they had babies, so when  my mom called my dad and aunt and told them it was snowing, they told her to go back to sleep!!

So...if you live in AZ, go outside and check out Four is a sight to behold!!  Snow down lower than I have ever seen.  But...put on your is only 30 degrees!!

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