Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 LONG Weeks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 is a day I am not to forget too quickly.  Steve had been riding a roadbike since last year and I tried to keep up on my hybrid, which was frustrating -he was aloways faster than me!!  He got a new carbon bike, so I took the Allez.  We went to Encinitas for vacation and went out for our morning ride, in preparation for the Tour de Tucson in November. I had been to a bike shop there and got new HoHa cream (female antichafing creme), so I was ready to go!!  We came out of the condo complex and started pedaling.  As we all know, parking is a premiun in the San Diego area, so there were care parked, as well as those wizzing by.  I have a complex about a flying car hitting me an dleaving me splayed on the pavement with a completely broken body, so I told Steve we needed to rethink this path.  We turned onto a little street and were turning around in a driveway, when all of a sudden i saw a wooden telephone pole and a fence on my right side, as my bike leaned completely to the right and the bike went kerboom!!

I kind of looked around to see if anyone saw me fall,, and there was no one around, even Steve.  I felt a horrible pain in my right arm and looked down to see a bleeding leg and foot still in a clip.  I tried to unclip myslef to no avail.  An then I hear "oh there you are.  I thought I heard a THUD".  Steve got me out of the clip and sitting up.  We decided he had better fgo back and get the Jeep because I was not going to be able to ride back.

We got back to the condo, and Rob, my brother from the other mother, whose family was spending the week with us, took a look at my arm and his rugby days came back to him.  I had a dislocated shoulder.  He had me bend over and popped it back into place.  That was a strange noise!!!  I iced it and took Motrin and spent a day at the beach in the condo.

On Wednesday morning, we went to CVS and got a sling.  This was on our wayt o take the boys Whale Watching---which was great!!.  When we got back, I thought I should call my fav orthopedic group and make an appointment for when we got home.  When I called, they emphatically told me to see someone in San Diego.  After Steve got back from the beach, we went to Scripps.  They called the facility an Urgent Care, but it was an ER to us!!  I was diagnosed with a proximal humerus fracture, and they gave me pain medication and told me to be seen at home.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, and the doctor ordered an MRI and continued use of a sling for 3 weeks.  It was not just any was an arthogram---they inject dye into the joint, after injecting the skin with Lidocaine.  Well, why have the needle, when you have to have a needle???  the radiologist agreed, so he did it---3 times!!!  I literally passed out when it was done, so I was so embarassed!!!  But, I had the scan done....

The MRI showed that I had a significant injury----PT was ordered and I did it for 3 weeks...without a lot of help.  I saw the doctor on Wednesday, and I now need to see the shoulder specialist on Thursday, as the original specialist agrees that I have not progressed as expected.  My shoulder mid arm hurts....i cannot lift it very far....Thoughts are that I will ahve to have the scar tissue cleaned.  

It has been a royal pain!!!  You use your right arm for everything!!  Even walking hurts, vecause your arm moves!!  I could not drive for 4 weeks!!!  That was the worst!!  At least with my foot in a cast, I could see why I could not go.  With cancer, I could go anywhere to get away from my thoughts.

Everyone says a shoulder is the worst thing to fracture--and I beleive it!!  I am soooo frustrated watching Steve prepare for the Tucson race.  I was so excited to do it!!  Exercise is so hard to do now because the arm moves!!  

My new goal-----Tour de Mesa in April!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things I Need to Blog About

This is my list of blogs I need to write...
  • Encinitas  Vacation
  • The Shoulder
  • Me and the Bike
  • The Canner and I
Hope these com soon!!  

All Dogs Go to Heavn

Mikella, my mom's dog. went to heaven yesterday.  Did you see the storm last night?  It was Mikella and Coco, our old dog, fighting over who we loved more!!

Where was I?

On September 11, 2001 I was at a Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Nurses meeting in Denver, CO.  Steve called me early in the morning and asked me if I was OK, because he had a bad feeling.  I told him he was nuts and to go back to sleep.  A little while later, he called me back and told me to turn on the TV.  I saw the reruns of the first plane going into the tower, and I thought it was just a plane gone wrong.  then, I saw number 2....I called Steve and then my mom....then the phones would not really work due to the influx of calling.  I got into the shower and hurriedly got ready for my meeting, knowing that many of my friends were from the NYC area.  I went downstairs to the meeting, to meet a somber group of people.  TVs were everywhere...People were crying....Trying to call their loved ones...

An announcement was made...No classes would be held, as scheduled in the AT&T building next door, as it was under lockdown.  At that point, I decided to try to get home. I kept trying my phone, and when I could get through, the wait was forever....and then I was disconnected.  One of the physicians I work with was at the physician meeting at the convention center...that was the ticket...literally!!  I walked over there and everything in the usually busy exhibition hall, was quiet and exhibitors were dismantling their spaces.  I found Dr. G and we discussed how to get home.  He had found that there were no cars available for planes were leaving the airport...but he would let me know if he found a way home.

I went back to the meetings, and felt the love of everyone coming together.  Scheduling of the meeting had been done a year prior, but there was a general session on healing for the nurse....After the session, a large group of us decided to have dinner together.  Since at that point we all knew our family was safe and we realized we were all there for awhile, we relaxed and had a good dinner together.

As Wednesday dawned, it became quite apparent that I was going to be in Denver for awhile...especially since Dr. G had caught a ride home with 3 other AZ physicians in a compact car!!  The airlines were making reservations for Friday--with no guarantees.  I had a flight out at 8AM Friday morning!!  For some reason, I had packed a couple of extra days clothes...I helped to pack up the meeting and then my group just went wandering around the area.  We went on a tour of the US Mint--something I might never have done. 

Friday morning came and I left at 5AM for the airport.  I got there and there was a long line.  The airport personnel (not yet TSA), went through my luggage with a fine tooth comb.  Everyone in line was silent or just spoke to each other in hushed tones.  I was then told I could proceed to the gate.  It was eerily quite, as I walked alone up the ramp.  When I got to the gate area, there was only one couple there, also trying to get to Phoenix.  We talked to each other, and then welcomed another person.  As each passenger came up to the gate, we welcomed another to our group.  It was time to board the plane...I am not a good flier to start with, so I was VERY nervous.  I was buckled into me seat, and a Middle Eastern man came down the aisle.  My first thought was fear....then I had to think..."He is only trying to get home too".  I was never so glad to get to Phoenix!!

When I got home, Steve shared with me an experience he had with Will on September 11...If he had shared it prior to my arrival home, he knew I would have walked home...With all of the phone issues, the phone at home rang as Will was going ready to go to school.  Will thought it was Steve, so he called him back numerous times, but was unable to get him.  He left Steve a fearful message that something had happened to him since he left for work.

It is a day that I will never forget....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Husband and the Centipede

Once upon a time, in a world far away, a husband and wife were soundly sleeping.  Now, the wife does not sleep well during the summer because of the horrible hot flashes.  On this night, the wife finally fell asleep, only to hear a yell and feel a jump out of the bed.  While the husband jumped, he yelled "I've been bit"!!!  and the sheets were flying, only to find nothing.  The wife moved the comforter to see a site like no other---a centipede!!  The husband grabbed some TP and sent the centipede on the ride of his life.  He then became paranoid that he was poisoned!!  Out came google and research began....He then got up and went into the family room and iced the area and just stewed.  When morning came, the wife asked to see where the injury occurred.  A spot was no where to be found---but it "still burns"....

Finally all is well....and the husband is cured!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today in Sacrament meeting, the topic was ancestors and how they have imparted their knowledge, feelings, experiences, etc. to us.  Using a pen and paper or storytelling was their only method.  When you think of  the cavemen and generations prior to the pen and paper, we see petroglyphs as a method of communicating.

As Angie Nelson was speaking, I was thinking of how easy we have it now......Everyone with an internet connection has the ability to have a free blog and it can me made private, so that your innermost feelings are just yours. 

I thought of the news story that I heard this week....schools are not teaching cursive writing,  Research has found that with the computers and electronic methods of communication, it is not needed.  Isn't that sad?? I find myself writing less and less and using the computer more and more. 

Letters will soon be a thing of the past.  We get an email from Will every week, and a hand written letter about every 6 weeks.  In the past, missionary families were lucky to only hear from their missionaries every 6 weeks, if that often.  If we do not hear by noon on a Monday, we begin to wonder what is happening.....then I think of missionary families of only a few years ago....and I realize how lucky we are.

With social networking, Will's first pension, Alex, became my friend on Facebook.  I was able to check on Will every so often.  It is amazing that through our computers we have almost instant access to someone 15 hours away by plane!!  Alex and I became friends, and I hope that our family has been able to help his family with their future and he has helped our son become a great missionary!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never Again

In 1999, we traveled to a family reunion in Ironwood, Michigan.  We decided Will needed the family road trip!!  We had the best time, for 10 days.  We went to the Church sites in Nauvoo and Independence.  We listened to the tapes of the "Work and the Glory".  We would stop and eat at local restaurants and look at anything on the side of the road that intregued us.  All in all it was a good trip...until it came to finding rooms at night.

We would drive until something struck our fancy, we were hungry, or the AAA book told us there was something we wanted to see.  We stayed in Tucamcori, NM when the weather was so bad that the 18 wheelers were stopping.  We stayed in Kansas City, Rockford, Hurley, Durango, Breckenridge, Duluth and many other places over the 10 days.  But one night will live in infany...

We were on our way home and had a day of bugs hitting the windshield so bad that we had to stop and clean in a few times.  We were tired....and every place we stopped in Iowa had a "No Vacancy" sign.  One one door it said something about a NASCAR race.  Being a non-NASCAR person at that time, I had no idea it was race weekend and what that entailed.  After going into numerous lobbies, we finally saw a Holiday Inn about 12AM that said "Vacancy".  We were so tired, we took it.

Our room was on the backside of the complex.  We parked among the car haulers and went into the room.  Now we had been driving for hours and I wanted nothing more than  a hot shower and the bed.  I went into the door and it looked clean.  I went to take a shower and there was mold all over in the bathroom tiles.  I told Will to not touch anything and to just use the toilet.  The beds looked clean, so we went to sleep.  In the morning, we did not shower, just hurried and left, after letting the manager know what a dive it was and getting our money back!!

So...we waited 10 years to return to a Holiday Inn..and it was just because's name your own price put us there this weekend.  On Saturday morning, after I showered, I went into the bed area to get my stuff together.  Something yellow caught my eye....It was a HUGE stain on the comforter that had been by my face all night!!  If looked like a dry pee stain!!!  We called the front desk and after at least a half hour someone came to change the bed.  That was the only service we had to our room the entire weekend-unless you count the maid coming by at 4PM, as we were finishing getting ready for the wedding, leaving towels!!

When we checked out this morning, ass the lady said was "your room is paid for" how was your did you enjoy your nothing!!!  Needless to say, Holiday Inn, Priceline and Travel Advisor will be hearing from me!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Few Observations of THE Wedding

  • Posh Spice---You are not looking to Posh in that hat!!  How did you get it to stay on??  Why are you always such a sour puss??
  • Eugenie and Beatrice---Did your mom let you borrow clothes from her closet before she lost weight with Weight Watchers??  I think you forgot to put the bow on your present!!!

  •  This is a smile...But is it a smile of Love???

  •  These two looked at each other with love in their eyes many times during and after the ceremony!!  Kate mouthed to William "Are you happy?" after they exited the Abbey.  They look in love and act like they are in love.  They  looked at each other many times during the ceremony.  They will make it!!  She is strong, knowledgable and old enough to stand up for herself.  
  • Don't you love the dress???  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Happens in VENT...Stays in VENT

Last week Steve and I went to Vegas for the NAB meeting.  I decided to take a week's vacation and tag along.  I just had a week of nothingness---shopping, sleeping, spaing, tanning, eating, walking, reading.  I did have to call in for a conference call on Wednesday, but  no one said anything about what was about to happen.

When I got to work on Monday, the ladies told me that one of our divisions was breaking up.  Two physicians were moving into their own office.  Apparently, there have been issues for the past few years and it has come to a head. 

Then, I learned that one of the physicians involved has a new baby.  Paulina said that it was great because there were fertility problems.  She learned a shocking thing----it was his baby with a receptionist at one of the surgery centers.  He and his wife divorced--and we now know why.

I was eating lunch-Dr, Kelsch's birthday lunch of a chicken casserole and cake.  I was getting something to drink and I heard about a cake his mom had for him that said Happy Birthday DD.  I said what did that mean---it meant his girlfriend and he are having twins in November.  Don't tell anyone---we all suspected she  was pregnant-but with one, not two!!

Cindy, my front office gal, at Greenfield has a Cardiac Cath last week, expecting to come back to work on Wednesday or Thursday.  Instead, she has a double bypass on Thursday and is out for another three to four weeks.

So, either I never take another vacation or I do take a vacation to shake things up a little!!!  We will see what happens when I am out for a week in July!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Talking!!!!

Me...of all people is under strict orders to not talk!!  I have had a cough and hoarseness for two weeks.  Not good when you manager an ENT office!!  Yesterday, Dr. Kelsch had enough and made me sit in the chair like a patient.  I had the ears checked....The nose checked...The nose sprayed (which I hate!).....and the scope passed to my vocal cords.  Surprise....Laryngitis...Reflux....and a Sinus infection, coming out of the sinus I had opened years ago.  So, back on the Prednisone, antibiotic and the reflux medication for 2 weeks.  With the order.....


I think Steve got to him!!  If people would not ask me questions, I would not have to answer, right??  So...People do not talk to me and I will not talk to you!! Who am I kidding??
Steve just left for the bike I can go and take his picture at turn 1 and on Alma School Road, but I cannot cheer for him (well, one cheer will be OK, after all this is his first race)!!

So, dear reader...if you see me this weekend, I am  not being rude...It is doctor's orders!!  One problem, I have to get the mop colored and cut today...Teresa loves to talk!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 Weekends...2 Movies

This weekend and last weekend i saw two of the best movies I have seen in awhile...Not that I see that many movies.  To be honest, I hate to freeze in the movie theater and my Diet Pepsi goes right through me and I cannot hit the "stop" button!! 

Last Saturday, my mom and I spent the day together.  We went shopping at Fashion Square, to lunch at Sauce and then to the Camelview in Scottsdale to see "Jane Eyre".  I have never read this book (yes, I even have trouble believing that).  It was the BEST movie.  It was almost 2 hours of pure enjoyment.  It was not slow at all.  It was just a GREAT love story.  There were mainly women in the theater and a couple of older men, who I am sure their wives dragged there.  All I can say is if you are a girl, go see it!!

This afternoon, Steve and Jared Kelm have gone to the 'Yotes game.  I was going to go, but I have that barking cough and hoarseness again, so I am grounded.  TV was boring, I am tired of needlepointing what's a girl to to??  How about try that On-Demand thing and get a movie?? 

I hit select and watch "Secretariat".  What a great story about a woman in the late '60s and early '70s.  She held her own against strong horse men and trained a Triple Crown Winner.  He husband had trouble with the times she was away from the family, until he realized it---she taught her kids how to be a person---not just mom in the kitchen.

Now, I will be killed for this...but since Will is in Peru, he will not know about it for awhile.  When he was a little boy we were in a store and he said "mom...did you hear what happened today?".  I said no.  He proceeded to say, "Some poor secretary died today in a stall and they are telling everyone on the news".  It took me a minute to figure that out...I said "That secretary is a horse and he died in his stall".  In our house whenever we talk about horse racing, this is our joke.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is 10:28PM...AreYou Still Awake???

For those who really know me, I usually am ready to go to sleep by 9PM.  I have been not feeling to well, so I was put on a medication that is killing my tummy and not letting me sleep.  I was up at nap...just wide awake!!  So, I decided to blog (ramble) for a few minutes.

Will is doing well in Peru.  We received handwritten letters this week.  We also sent a package down with a basketball and American treats for Will, his comp and his pension.  He had asked for a basketball, for his pension (cook), Alex.  Alex is trying to teach the kids to play, but they do not have real BBalls there.  Here's to hoping the box gets through customs without too much trouble!!

Today, Steve did a 76 mile bike ride!!  I am so proud of his meeting his goal to ride in the Tour de Mesa on April 2.  He has been working sooo hard!!!   Now, I just need to get my butt onto my bike!!!

We have an Irish party going on next door.  I can smell the nasty corned beef and cabbage...and hear the squealing bagpipes!!  Then to top it off....Alto (my neighbor on the other side that sings when she drinks) is getting loud.  With the window open because it is getting warm, this should be a long night!!

Japan...How scary is that???  I am so thankful that we live in Arizona...we might get heat and some bad rain storms, but we do not get earthquakes or tsunami's.  Nuclear power plants that are leaking....Wow.....The newspaper said stores are empty and you can only purchase 5 gallons of gas.  Where are the people trying to go though?? 

And gas...$3.45 a gallon???  Hope that goes down by the time we go to Vegas for Steve's meeting in April!!

I think I will make my self a cup of hot cocoa...That and a Lifetime movie might do the trick.  If not, the ramblings will continue in a few hours. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is so cold, I do not know what to do...
Should I stay home or go see you?
Bake a couple of loaves of bread?
Take a hot shower and jump into bed?
Plan a vacation to the beach?
Go to California to see the whales breach?

I think I have decided what to do!!
I will think about summer and a hundred and two.
I will not complain that I am hot again
Because I will think of the winter that just has been.

You have to admit, the past few weeks have been horrible.  When I left for work this morning, my car said the outside temp was 27 degrees and on the way home it was 44 degrees!!  Hopefully nothing froze in Payson this time, because the last freeze really caused damage to my mom's  house!!  She only has a kitchen and the upstairs for at lest a couple more winter...please go away!!!!

I AM All Right Now

The title of this blog is a description of me, beginning on February 26, 2004.  You see...this is the date I had to undergo a left mastectomy...leaving me all right now!!  People wonder how I can joke about it, but it was only a boob, a breast, any number of other words that we do not use.  But, it was also a source of cancer!!  Even through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and the recovery from all of this was horrible, I learned so many lessons about myself and others.  I saw the good in others and learned that I needed to let go of some control and let others serve (per a friend of mine).  I saw people feeling pity for me and what had happened...but pity gets one no where!!  I learned that I could fight and that I was strong.  I learned that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that priesthood blessings help us to learn that our children have fears, even if they will not admit it.  I learned how to handle nausea and how to throw up (never could and still will not do this unless it is absolutely necessary).  I learned that one can be allergic to a medication that "no one has trouble with".  I learned that even when you are going through something terrible, there are still others with more adversities.  I learned that you need to laugh and enjoy each day.  I learned that one can give up some control and later regain it.  I learned that you need to listen to your physicians and take a list of questions with you to your visit.  I learned that no question is stupid, if it will ease your tensions.  I learned that acupuncture really works for shoulder pain.  I learned that massage relaxes more than the relaxes the mind.  I learned that Nordstroms is the best store...they add prosthesis pockets to their bras for no charge, so that you do not have to wear old lady boulder holders, and can still have cute lacy bras!!  I learned that there are many prosthesis sizes, shapes and materials and you need to ask for references before you go get one, as insurance only pays for one a year, and the wrong size makes you self conscious!! I learned that Mom's will spoil you when they feel scared and unsure of how to help their are not dying when Mom starts to feed you ice cream and cookies everyday!!  I learned that Dad's can come up with solutions to keeping a drain from pulling out of your skin when you shower.

It is sad that something like breast cancer had to happen to make me realize that I am all right!!  I am normal.  I just got handed a bum deal.  There was nothing I could do to stop cancer.  I did not do anything to cause it.  I was one of those things. 

So, if anyone reading this has not had a mammogram recently or you think you feel a breast lump, please go see your doctor.  Women join together for a cause and get things done!!  That is why breast cancer is not a death sentence anymore.  Every year new treatments come along.  Ignoring a lump is stupid!!  The treatment sucks, but so do other things in life!!  Not living life would suck more!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cough, Cough, Go Away; You've Ruined My BDay!!!

Well... so much for my 30th BDay!!!  I have had this horrible hacking cough since Saturday, so I have been home since then.  I have not seen or been outside the front door!!  I have missed 2 days of work-a VERY uncommon thing for me. My voice is hoarse, and I look like *&%$!!.  Steve says I look pale and sickly-Love you too!!

At least I know my year has to be better than today has been!!  It already really has been great!!  Facebook is amazing.  When everyone sends you a wish it makes you feel so good and loved!!  Steve made one of my favorite dinners, JoAnn brought me one of my favorite breads, Collette gave me a great spreader, my mom and John got me a new mixer (Bosch, Yes!!).  Friday night we will have dinner with my mom-since I screwed up the plans for tonight.  What more can a girl ask for---except for the cough to go away!!