Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cough, Cough, Go Away; You've Ruined My BDay!!!

Well... so much for my 30th BDay!!!  I have had this horrible hacking cough since Saturday, so I have been home since then.  I have not seen or been outside the front door!!  I have missed 2 days of work-a VERY uncommon thing for me. My voice is hoarse, and I look like *&%$!!.  Steve says I look pale and sickly-Love you too!!

At least I know my year has to be better than today has been!!  It already really has been great!!  Facebook is amazing.  When everyone sends you a wish it makes you feel so good and loved!!  Steve made one of my favorite dinners, JoAnn brought me one of my favorite breads, Collette gave me a great spreader, my mom and John got me a new mixer (Bosch, Yes!!).  Friday night we will have dinner with my mom-since I screwed up the plans for tonight.  What more can a girl ask for---except for the cough to go away!!