Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is so cold, I do not know what to do...
Should I stay home or go see you?
Bake a couple of loaves of bread?
Take a hot shower and jump into bed?
Plan a vacation to the beach?
Go to California to see the whales breach?

I think I have decided what to do!!
I will think about summer and a hundred and two.
I will not complain that I am hot again
Because I will think of the winter that just has been.

You have to admit, the past few weeks have been horrible.  When I left for work this morning, my car said the outside temp was 27 degrees and on the way home it was 44 degrees!!  Hopefully nothing froze in Payson this time, because the last freeze really caused damage to my mom's  house!!  She only has a kitchen and the upstairs for at lest a couple more winter...please go away!!!!

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