Thursday, February 3, 2011

I AM All Right Now

The title of this blog is a description of me, beginning on February 26, 2004.  You see...this is the date I had to undergo a left mastectomy...leaving me all right now!!  People wonder how I can joke about it, but it was only a boob, a breast, any number of other words that we do not use.  But, it was also a source of cancer!!  Even through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and the recovery from all of this was horrible, I learned so many lessons about myself and others.  I saw the good in others and learned that I needed to let go of some control and let others serve (per a friend of mine).  I saw people feeling pity for me and what had happened...but pity gets one no where!!  I learned that I could fight and that I was strong.  I learned that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that priesthood blessings help us to learn that our children have fears, even if they will not admit it.  I learned how to handle nausea and how to throw up (never could and still will not do this unless it is absolutely necessary).  I learned that one can be allergic to a medication that "no one has trouble with".  I learned that even when you are going through something terrible, there are still others with more adversities.  I learned that you need to laugh and enjoy each day.  I learned that one can give up some control and later regain it.  I learned that you need to listen to your physicians and take a list of questions with you to your visit.  I learned that no question is stupid, if it will ease your tensions.  I learned that acupuncture really works for shoulder pain.  I learned that massage relaxes more than the relaxes the mind.  I learned that Nordstroms is the best store...they add prosthesis pockets to their bras for no charge, so that you do not have to wear old lady boulder holders, and can still have cute lacy bras!!  I learned that there are many prosthesis sizes, shapes and materials and you need to ask for references before you go get one, as insurance only pays for one a year, and the wrong size makes you self conscious!! I learned that Mom's will spoil you when they feel scared and unsure of how to help their are not dying when Mom starts to feed you ice cream and cookies everyday!!  I learned that Dad's can come up with solutions to keeping a drain from pulling out of your skin when you shower.

It is sad that something like breast cancer had to happen to make me realize that I am all right!!  I am normal.  I just got handed a bum deal.  There was nothing I could do to stop cancer.  I did not do anything to cause it.  I was one of those things. 

So, if anyone reading this has not had a mammogram recently or you think you feel a breast lump, please go see your doctor.  Women join together for a cause and get things done!!  That is why breast cancer is not a death sentence anymore.  Every year new treatments come along.  Ignoring a lump is stupid!!  The treatment sucks, but so do other things in life!!  Not living life would suck more!!!

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Keri said...

I'm glad you are All Right Now!
You have such a great outlook
and perspective on life. I really admire your strength.

p.s. Brett's mission call will be
coming any day! we are so excited!
...and YES he is already planning ski trips in Utah! As long as there is still snow, he will be making up for lost time on the slopes:) he misses you guys!