Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 Weekends...2 Movies

This weekend and last weekend i saw two of the best movies I have seen in awhile...Not that I see that many movies.  To be honest, I hate to freeze in the movie theater and my Diet Pepsi goes right through me and I cannot hit the "stop" button!! 

Last Saturday, my mom and I spent the day together.  We went shopping at Fashion Square, to lunch at Sauce and then to the Camelview in Scottsdale to see "Jane Eyre".  I have never read this book (yes, I even have trouble believing that).  It was the BEST movie.  It was almost 2 hours of pure enjoyment.  It was not slow at all.  It was just a GREAT love story.  There were mainly women in the theater and a couple of older men, who I am sure their wives dragged there.  All I can say is if you are a girl, go see it!!

This afternoon, Steve and Jared Kelm have gone to the 'Yotes game.  I was going to go, but I have that barking cough and hoarseness again, so I am grounded.  TV was boring, I am tired of needlepointing what's a girl to to??  How about try that On-Demand thing and get a movie?? 

I hit select and watch "Secretariat".  What a great story about a woman in the late '60s and early '70s.  She held her own against strong horse men and trained a Triple Crown Winner.  He husband had trouble with the times she was away from the family, until he realized it---she taught her kids how to be a person---not just mom in the kitchen.

Now, I will be killed for this...but since Will is in Peru, he will not know about it for awhile.  When he was a little boy we were in a store and he said "mom...did you hear what happened today?".  I said no.  He proceeded to say, "Some poor secretary died today in a stall and they are telling everyone on the news".  It took me a minute to figure that out...I said "That secretary is a horse and he died in his stall".  In our house whenever we talk about horse racing, this is our joke.

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Az Kelms said...

That's cool that you were able to get that movie through On Demand. I hate to admit it....I hardly ever use On Demand, but I definitely should check it out becaue we still haven't seen that movie!