Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is 10:28PM...AreYou Still Awake???

For those who really know me, I usually am ready to go to sleep by 9PM.  I have been not feeling to well, so I was put on a medication that is killing my tummy and not letting me sleep.  I was up at nap...just wide awake!!  So, I decided to blog (ramble) for a few minutes.

Will is doing well in Peru.  We received handwritten letters this week.  We also sent a package down with a basketball and American treats for Will, his comp and his pension.  He had asked for a basketball, for his pension (cook), Alex.  Alex is trying to teach the kids to play, but they do not have real BBalls there.  Here's to hoping the box gets through customs without too much trouble!!

Today, Steve did a 76 mile bike ride!!  I am so proud of his meeting his goal to ride in the Tour de Mesa on April 2.  He has been working sooo hard!!!   Now, I just need to get my butt onto my bike!!!

We have an Irish party going on next door.  I can smell the nasty corned beef and cabbage...and hear the squealing bagpipes!!  Then to top it off....Alto (my neighbor on the other side that sings when she drinks) is getting loud.  With the window open because it is getting warm, this should be a long night!!

Japan...How scary is that???  I am so thankful that we live in Arizona...we might get heat and some bad rain storms, but we do not get earthquakes or tsunami's.  Nuclear power plants that are leaking....Wow.....The newspaper said stores are empty and you can only purchase 5 gallons of gas.  Where are the people trying to go though?? 

And gas...$3.45 a gallon???  Hope that goes down by the time we go to Vegas for Steve's meeting in April!!

I think I will make my self a cup of hot cocoa...That and a Lifetime movie might do the trick.  If not, the ramblings will continue in a few hours. 

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Az Kelms said...

We heard those bagpipes playing the other night. We couldn't figure out exactly where it was coming from. What a crazy sound...not something we are used to in our neighborhood.