Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Talking!!!!

Me...of all people is under strict orders to not talk!!  I have had a cough and hoarseness for two weeks.  Not good when you manager an ENT office!!  Yesterday, Dr. Kelsch had enough and made me sit in the chair like a patient.  I had the ears checked....The nose checked...The nose sprayed (which I hate!).....and the scope passed to my vocal cords.  Surprise....Laryngitis...Reflux....and a Sinus infection, coming out of the sinus I had opened years ago.  So, back on the Prednisone, antibiotic and the reflux medication for 2 weeks.  With the order.....


I think Steve got to him!!  If people would not ask me questions, I would not have to answer, right??  So...People do not talk to me and I will not talk to you!! Who am I kidding??
Steve just left for the bike I can go and take his picture at turn 1 and on Alma School Road, but I cannot cheer for him (well, one cheer will be OK, after all this is his first race)!!

So, dear reader...if you see me this weekend, I am  not being rude...It is doctor's orders!!  One problem, I have to get the mop colored and cut today...Teresa loves to talk!!!

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