Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Happens in VENT...Stays in VENT

Last week Steve and I went to Vegas for the NAB meeting.  I decided to take a week's vacation and tag along.  I just had a week of nothingness---shopping, sleeping, spaing, tanning, eating, walking, reading.  I did have to call in for a conference call on Wednesday, but  no one said anything about what was about to happen.

When I got to work on Monday, the ladies told me that one of our divisions was breaking up.  Two physicians were moving into their own office.  Apparently, there have been issues for the past few years and it has come to a head. 

Then, I learned that one of the physicians involved has a new baby.  Paulina said that it was great because there were fertility problems.  She learned a shocking thing----it was his baby with a receptionist at one of the surgery centers.  He and his wife divorced--and we now know why.

I was eating lunch-Dr, Kelsch's birthday lunch of a chicken casserole and cake.  I was getting something to drink and I heard about a cake his mom had for him that said Happy Birthday DD.  I said what did that mean---it meant his girlfriend and he are having twins in November.  Don't tell anyone---we all suspected she  was pregnant-but with one, not two!!

Cindy, my front office gal, at Greenfield has a Cardiac Cath last week, expecting to come back to work on Wednesday or Thursday.  Instead, she has a double bypass on Thursday and is out for another three to four weeks.

So, either I never take another vacation or I do take a vacation to shake things up a little!!!  We will see what happens when I am out for a week in July!!

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