Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Few Observations of THE Wedding

  • Posh Spice---You are not looking to Posh in that hat!!  How did you get it to stay on??  Why are you always such a sour puss??
  • Eugenie and Beatrice---Did your mom let you borrow clothes from her closet before she lost weight with Weight Watchers??  I think you forgot to put the bow on your present!!!

  •  This is a smile...But is it a smile of Love???

  •  These two looked at each other with love in their eyes many times during and after the ceremony!!  Kate mouthed to William "Are you happy?" after they exited the Abbey.  They look in love and act like they are in love.  They  looked at each other many times during the ceremony.  They will make it!!  She is strong, knowledgable and old enough to stand up for herself.  
  • Don't you love the dress???  

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Arizona Girl said...

I didn't watch the wedding nor much of the hoopla around it, but I hope they will make it. Also I loved how classy and classic her dress was.