Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Husband and the Centipede

Once upon a time, in a world far away, a husband and wife were soundly sleeping.  Now, the wife does not sleep well during the summer because of the horrible hot flashes.  On this night, the wife finally fell asleep, only to hear a yell and feel a jump out of the bed.  While the husband jumped, he yelled "I've been bit"!!!  and the sheets were flying, only to find nothing.  The wife moved the comforter to see a site like no other---a centipede!!  The husband grabbed some TP and sent the centipede on the ride of his life.  He then became paranoid that he was poisoned!!  Out came google and research began....He then got up and went into the family room and iced the area and just stewed.  When morning came, the wife asked to see where the injury occurred.  A spot was no where to be found---but it "still burns"....

Finally all is well....and the husband is cured!!!

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Az Kelms said...

Okay, that is just GROSS! I have never seen anything like that here in the area. Glad that it wasn't poisonous! EEEEKKKK!!!!