Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 LONG Weeks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 is a day I am not to forget too quickly.  Steve had been riding a roadbike since last year and I tried to keep up on my hybrid, which was frustrating -he was aloways faster than me!!  He got a new carbon bike, so I took the Allez.  We went to Encinitas for vacation and went out for our morning ride, in preparation for the Tour de Tucson in November. I had been to a bike shop there and got new HoHa cream (female antichafing creme), so I was ready to go!!  We came out of the condo complex and started pedaling.  As we all know, parking is a premiun in the San Diego area, so there were care parked, as well as those wizzing by.  I have a complex about a flying car hitting me an dleaving me splayed on the pavement with a completely broken body, so I told Steve we needed to rethink this path.  We turned onto a little street and were turning around in a driveway, when all of a sudden i saw a wooden telephone pole and a fence on my right side, as my bike leaned completely to the right and the bike went kerboom!!

I kind of looked around to see if anyone saw me fall,, and there was no one around, even Steve.  I felt a horrible pain in my right arm and looked down to see a bleeding leg and foot still in a clip.  I tried to unclip myslef to no avail.  An then I hear "oh there you are.  I thought I heard a THUD".  Steve got me out of the clip and sitting up.  We decided he had better fgo back and get the Jeep because I was not going to be able to ride back.

We got back to the condo, and Rob, my brother from the other mother, whose family was spending the week with us, took a look at my arm and his rugby days came back to him.  I had a dislocated shoulder.  He had me bend over and popped it back into place.  That was a strange noise!!!  I iced it and took Motrin and spent a day at the beach in the condo.

On Wednesday morning, we went to CVS and got a sling.  This was on our wayt o take the boys Whale Watching---which was great!!.  When we got back, I thought I should call my fav orthopedic group and make an appointment for when we got home.  When I called, they emphatically told me to see someone in San Diego.  After Steve got back from the beach, we went to Scripps.  They called the facility an Urgent Care, but it was an ER to us!!  I was diagnosed with a proximal humerus fracture, and they gave me pain medication and told me to be seen at home.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, and the doctor ordered an MRI and continued use of a sling for 3 weeks.  It was not just any was an arthogram---they inject dye into the joint, after injecting the skin with Lidocaine.  Well, why have the needle, when you have to have a needle???  the radiologist agreed, so he did it---3 times!!!  I literally passed out when it was done, so I was so embarassed!!!  But, I had the scan done....

The MRI showed that I had a significant injury----PT was ordered and I did it for 3 weeks...without a lot of help.  I saw the doctor on Wednesday, and I now need to see the shoulder specialist on Thursday, as the original specialist agrees that I have not progressed as expected.  My shoulder mid arm hurts....i cannot lift it very far....Thoughts are that I will ahve to have the scar tissue cleaned.  

It has been a royal pain!!!  You use your right arm for everything!!  Even walking hurts, vecause your arm moves!!  I could not drive for 4 weeks!!!  That was the worst!!  At least with my foot in a cast, I could see why I could not go.  With cancer, I could go anywhere to get away from my thoughts.

Everyone says a shoulder is the worst thing to fracture--and I beleive it!!  I am soooo frustrated watching Steve prepare for the Tucson race.  I was so excited to do it!!  Exercise is so hard to do now because the arm moves!!  

My new goal-----Tour de Mesa in April!!!


Az Kelms said...

What a terrible experience! I'm sorry for the long drawn out recovery. I hope that you can get something done quickly so that you can start to function again.

Keri said...

Yikes! That is awful! I feel so bad
for you. You are one tough cookie.
I'll be praying for your arm/shoulder and a full recovery.
Hugs! Keri